Collective Faculty Commitment to Racial Equity

Effective Date
The Faculty
Faculty and Provost

The Evergreen State College 2011 Accreditation Self-Study states:

"As a public institution, Evergreen promotes and benefits from a diverse, just and equitable society. The capacity for personal and societal change is enhanced when the experience of difference prompts reflection. The college facilitates learning across significant differences through its curricular and co-curricular offerings, recruitment and retention efforts, and the overall governance and operation of the college.” (p. 19)

In order to create opportunities for all of our students to meet the Six Expectations of Evergreen Graduates at reasonably high levels,

And, in order to create equity in the place where we work, as noted in our Accreditation Self-Study,

We, the faculty recognize that, beyond diversity, the greater goal of equity must shape and direct our endeavors regarding recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and students of color, and learning across significant differences, 

And therefore, we, the faculty commit to one another that we will: 

      • Engage in continued professional development or new learning about equity across race and other identities which intersect with race, and
      • Reflect on our learning about equity, and
      • Integrate new learning about equity in our teaching practices, and
      •  Address this ongoing work in our annual self-evaluation.

(passed 44-2-6 by Faculty 5/23/16)