If you have an emergency, call us immediately!


During business hours: Motor Pool, (360) 867-6354

Evenings and weekends: Police Services, (360) 867-6832

Vehicle Breakdowns

If the vehicle has mechanical problems and you need roadside assistance, contact Fleet Rescue service at 1-800-356-9316.

A pamphlet with this information is also provided in your Motor Pool key packet.

For repairs costing more than $300, contact us at (360) 867-6354.

Crashes and Other Damage

All crashes and vehicle damage must be reported to the Motor Pool within 48 hours of the incident—even if no other vehicles are involved.

Contact the local authorities and request an accident investigation if there is significant damage to a vehicle or if anyone is injured. If in doubt, call 911 first. Then call one of the numbers above.

There is a complete accident package in the vehicle. Use the checklist to see what to do. You will need to fill out a form at the Motor Pool office within 48 hours of your return.

Financial responsibility

You are not required to have your own personal liability insurance. However, because of the limitations of the state's self-insurance plan, you may want to check with your insurance to see if you are covered while driving a Motor Pool vehicle.

The college's insurance will pay for damages to the other driver's property or injuries sustained in an accident when the driver of the college's vehicle is at fault. However, the driver must be operating the vehicle in good faith on official college business.

Any damage to the college's vehicle not covered by another driver's insurance will need to be paid by the budgetary unit that rented the vehicle.

If the crash was caused by your gross negligence, or if the vehicle was being used for unapproved activities, you may be responsible for your own defense if a lawsuit is filed. The state may choose to subrogate part or all of the claim, or to file suit against you.