Using Labs and Studios

Media Services facilities are available to support academic work.

Media Services facilities are available to currently enrolled students and faculty to support academic work. Recreational and commercial use is not permitted. Some facilities need proficiency certification. If you have prior production skills and experience, this will be taken into account when arranging access. You can check out keys and schedule many media facilities at the Media Loan front desk located on the main floor of the library building (L2504, down the hall from the Computer Center and Library entrance).

Most students access the media facilities through their programs as a part of the curriculum. Proficiency in the spaces is usually gained through workshops provided by Media Services staff in coordination with your faculty. Students wanting to use media equipment and facilities through an Individual Learning Contract will need to have their contract reviewed by the Media Services staff. You can also check in with:

Some things to keep in mind (and avoid losing access to media facilities):

  • Be on time. If you are 15 minutes late you can lose your scheduled time. Call to reschedule
  • No food or drinks in the labs
  • Do not leave doors propped open if you are not in the room
  • Only use your scheduled time
  • Do not give your keys to another student
  • Facilities are for academic use only
  • Violation of policies can result in loss of access until you meet with support staff.

You may also review the Media Services Guidelines for equipment and resources.

Scheduling Time in the Media Facilities

Audio & Video Production

You can schedule many of the audio and video production facilities at the Media Loan desk or the Multimedia Lab. These include:

  • 16mm Film Transfer*
  • Animation* – 2D Rotoscope, 2D Multi-Use, 2D Light Table and the 3D Lab
  • 5.1 Mixing Suite*
  • Audio Mix Benches* (2)
  • Film Bench Edit Suites* (4)
  • Multimedia Lab Stations (13)
  • Video Editing Suites* (3)
  • Sound Effects Studio*

* These facilities require proficiency certification. Schedule a proficiency test for any of these facilities.

Check Schedule Evergreen to see availability of these spaces. 

You must check out keys or fobs for these facilities (except the Multimedia Lab) from Media Loan (see below).

Students can schedule time in the facilities up to one month in advance for a maximum of eight hours per week per facility. You can schedule:

  • 4 hour blocks of time when scheduling in advance
  • Up to 8 hours when scheduling the day of

Some media disciplines, like animation, may require more intensive use of facilities than these guidelines allow. You can negotiate special use of facilities with the staff in charge of the space you need.

Center for Creative and Applied Media (TV Studio)

The CCAM is scheduled through a work order process and is managed by Dave Cramton (L1354,, 867-5505). You can visit the CCAM blog for more information.

Multi-track Recording Studios

Proficiency in these studios is gained through participation in specific programs. The Audio Intern schedules these spaces through a work order process. Questions about your schedule or the facilities can be addressed to the Audio Intern, 867-5848.

You must check out keys or fobs for these facilities from Media Loan (see below).

Music Technology Labs

Proficiency in these studios is gained through participation in specific classes and programs. The Music Tech Intern (867-6862) schedules these spaces. You sign up for the time you need in class or during their weekly consultation time in COM 349. You can visit the MTL page or contact Patrick LaBahn ( for more information.

You must check out keys or fobs for these facilities from Media Loan (see below).

Photoland (Photo Darkrooms, Digital Imaging Studio  & Photo Studio)

Come to Library 1310 to access the Photo Darkrooms and the Digital Imaging Studio (DIS).  The Photo Studio, Color and B&W Darkrooms require proficiency certification for use; the DIS does not. Photoland is staffed by student lab aides and users do not require key checkout.  Basic black and white darkroom proficiencies are available to everyone, and offered most weeks.  Studio proficiencies are scheduled as needed, and offered only to advanced students. If you have questions or would like to schedule a proficiency contact a lab aide at 867-6274. To view current hours, or to schedule time, visit Photoland.

Key & Fob Checkout

Keys and fobs can be checked out from Media Loan for all of these facilities except the Multimedia Lab. You should plan on checking out the keys right before your scheduled time and returning them as soon as you are done. When Media Loan is closed, you can return keys/fobs to the Library Circulation desk (not the book drop!). Keeping keys longer than your checkout period will result in late fines and a loss of access. If you lose keys or fobs please report it immediately to Media Loan by calling (360) 867-6253. Please read the Media Loan Conditions of Use to avoid late fines and loss of access. 

Summer Use

During the Summer Session, most facilities are closed or have limited access as a result of reduced staffing.