Instructional Media Workshop Guidelines


From audio podcasts and soundscapes, to videos and digital photography, our instructional media team can help you incorporate media into your curriculum in a way that is both appropriate and pertinent to your learning goals. The implementation of hands-on workshops within your program will allow your students to function as designers of their research, using tools for observing and discovering the world, interpreting their research, reflecting on their surroundings and learning collaboratively with other students. These guidelines are meant to assist you in planning how media workshops will fit into your curriculum. We encourage you to discuss timelines, assignments, details and needs with the Instructional Media Coordinator, Nick Zornes at

We try to fulfill every request we receive. It is helpful to have planning discussions during the prior quarter as the resources are limited. Workshop requests must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the workshop date. If your program or class needs considerable instructional media support over the quarter--four or more workshops--then a finalized program/course syllabus and media workshop requests must be received at least one week prior to the start of the quarter. Last minute requests can be denied. 

Space Requests

Specialty media spaces for Instructional Media Workshops are requested by faculty through Schedule Evergreen. These requests should follow the curricular scheduling timeline


For a better learning experience and due to limited seating in media classrooms, we are able to accommodate 10 students minimum to 25 students maximum per workshop. We can divide larger programs into groups, and repeat sessions as needed. These capacity numbers also apply to remote workshops. 


A workshop typically lasts for about 2 hours. It may include an hour long lecture covering theory, terminology, and context for use when appropriate (for the whole group of students). The hands-on part of the workshop, being the most technical, will last for at least an hour. Depending on the depth of the projects, multimedia software workshops require between 2-3 hours with a break. 

Remote workshops may be structured differently. 


When applicable, handouts, documentation and operational guides will be provided to you by Media Services Staff to distribute to your students. Some equipment and facility use may require written proficiency tests as part of operational skill building. An introduction to Media Loan will cover equipment and facilities access policies.

Equipment & Space Proficiencies

Remote workshops will require that students checkout their equipment prior to their workshop. Please communicate the importance of not using equipment before students have received instruction on proper use and safety. 

Often workshops cover how to use Media Services's equipment and facilities. Please make sure students bring their Evergreen Student IDs to workshops covering equipment and facilities for electronic proficiency data gathering purposes. Allow at least half of one business day for proficiencies to be processed and/or for equipment to be returned from your workshop before your class attempts to checkout equipment or schedule a facility. 


  1. Workshop attendance is typically coordinated by Faculty who should plan to be present as a co-learner. This encourages students presence and engagement during the workshop.

  2. Most successful workshops are tied to a short project or a course assignment. It has proven to be a great way to increase student involvement and participation while also strengthening skill development. A staff instructor(s) will be happy to collaborate with you on designing assignments tailored to fit both the program’s goals and the students’ project.

  3. Although optional, Assisted Work Sessions are a very effective way for your students to successfully meet the assignment deadlines and goals with the assistance of interns and staff. However, we do request that Faculty coordinate with students to make sure there is appropriate attendance of at least 10 students (with some flexibility). Faculty are also required to attend Assisted Work Sessions with their programs. 

Feedback: a way to keep learning

We welcome feedback from faculty and students in order to further improve the instructional quality of media workshops. You can email Nick Zornes at

You also may fill out a Media Services Program Support Request.
We are looking forward to working with you!