Faculty Resources

Media Loan provides instruction for equipment used to complete academic assignments in your program.

Set up a program account

  • Use to check out equipment for your program.
  • Determine lead faculty responsible for tracking equipment.
  • Identify other authorized users.
  • Provide budget number. 

Program account request must be made one week prior to use.

Email medialoandl@evergreen.edu to request a Program Account.

Plan a workshop

Request a workshop

  • Requests must be submitted at least four weeks in advance.
  • Four or more workshops in one quarter require a syllabus before the start of the quarter.
  • Priority given to media-centric programs and/or requests submitted by Week 5 of the previous quarter.
  • Complete a Media Services Program Support Request.

Request a space

Specialty media spaces for Instructional Media Workshops are requested by faculty through Schedule Evergreen. These requests should follow the curricular scheduling timeline


  • Workshops can accommodate a minimum of 10 students and maximum of 25 students.
  • Larger programs can be divided into groups and sessions can be repeated as needed.
  • Faculty are expected to attend the workshop as a co-learner or instructor.
  • Students need to bring their Student ID cards to the workshops so we can record their proficiency.
  • We need at least half of one business day to update our system and prepare equipment for circulation.

What you can expect

You can expect a workshop to last about 2 hours. Depending on the depth of the projects, multimedia software workshops require between 2-3 hours with a break. Make up sessions for students who miss the workshop are limited. 

When applicable, handouts, documentation and operational guides will be provided to you by staff to distribute to your students in advance. Some equipment and facility use may require written proficiency tests as part of operational skill building.

We will give an introduction to Media Loan and cover equipment and facilities access policies.

At the end of the workshop students will be considered proficient and ready to use the equipment or facility.