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Photo, Honoring Friendships Wool Blanket
Honoring Friendships Wool Blanket
Evergreen Longhouse at 25, design by Taylor Krise
Longhouse at 25 Anniversary T-shirt
gwideq Evergreen Longhouse t-shirt
qwideq Evergreen Longhouse T-shirt

Honoring Friendships Wool Blanket

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The Evergreen Longhouse and Louie Gong (Nooksack) partnered again to create this “Honoring Friendships” wool blanket design to celebrate the Longhouse’s 25th anniversary. Corresponding with Eighth Generation’s inaugural wool blanket Thunderbird Arrives, this new blanket design honors the connections of the Native and Indigenous peoples of the mainland and Pacific Rim.

Rich in meaning, the elements in the blanket represent Indigenous peoples gathering in strength and friendship.  The designs recall artworks found around the Longhouse Indigenous Arts Campus and The Evergreen State College.

The multi-cultural artworks found around The Evergreen State College campus that served as inspiration for the blanket design include: 

  • Elements from the Welcome Woman by Greg Colfax (Makah) and Bunni Peterson Haitwas (Skokomish)
  • the Toroa (albatross) by Henare Tahuri (Tūhoe/Ngāti Kaungunu ki Wairoa) and Tāwera Tahuri (Ngā Ariki Kaipūtahi, Whakatōhea, Ngāti Uenuku, Tūwharetoa )
  • Salish Fingers pattern by Bunni Peterson Haitwas (Skokomish)
  • Double wall basket by Karen Reed (Puyallup and Chinook)

On the border of the blanket, the X's represents the stitches found in both Northwest and South Pacific designs that hold us together.  The floral pattern represents renewal and growth in many cultures and is found in beadwork designs from the Plateau and Great Lakes regions. 

The design also incorporates a Salish weaving pattern known as Salish fingers to represent the Salish territory where the Longhouse is located. Finally, the albatross bird at the center - also known as Toroa or the Guardian - served as a nautical guide to Māori Ancestors.

Whether you use this blanket for yourself or to show your gratitude for a dear friend or loved one, we hope the Honoring Friendships wool blanket brings you serenity.

  • 2-sided design
  • Covers top of Queen Size bed (59 in x 78 in/ 200 cm x 150 cm)
  • Colors include purple, tan and Aegean blue
  • Microsuede Edge Band
  • 100% New Zealand Wool
  • Designed by Louie Gong (Nooksack)
  • Imported
  • Dry Clean

Longhouse at 25 T-shirt

The Longhouse at 25 Across Waters logo was created by Taylor Wiley Krise, Squaxin Island Tribe.

This shirt celebrates 25 years of programming by the Longhouse Education and Cultural Center. 

gwideq Evergreen Longhouse T-shirt

This t-shirt depicts the Evergreen mascot the gwideq (geoduck) with a Coast Salish form line design by Malynn Foster, Squaxin Island Tribe. 

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