Library Classroom Scheduling Guidelines

We follow these guidelines for scheduling library classrooms 3301 and 2302D.

Rooms 3301 and 2302D are reserved through Schedule Evergreen. The Associate Dean of Library Operations reviews reservation requests and authorizes appropriate requests that follow the guidelines below.

Rationale for requiring authorization (rather than automatic self-scheduling): the primary use of these spaces is for Library and Learning Center instruction, for Library meetings, and for Library events/outreach activities.

The library uses these spaces for research workshops. We prefer that requests arrive in advance but will respond to last minute requests to the best of our capacity. In order to meet this service function, rooms 3301 and 2302D are generally not scheduled for ongoing use in advance. Our librarians need spaces with ongoing flexibility to respond to workshop requests.

At the same time, we encourage use of these rooms for a range of appropriate campus needs and welcome users to the Library.

Reservations will be reviewed based on these principles:

  1. 2302D and 3301 can be scheduled for ongoing needs by the learning centers, the librarians, and library staff and administration. For example, 2302D is the “spill over” space when QuaSR reaches capacity on peak days/times; library operations meetings may be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  2. Keeping the spaces flexible during these hours allows us to meet last-minute requests for workshops. As such, 2302D and 3301 should not be scheduled for ongoing, weekly, non-library/research teaching or meetings or events on these days/times.
    • Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 3 pm
  3. 2302D and 3301 can be scheduled for one-off events or for sequenced research workshops during the days & times named above.
  4. Research Services will evaluate usage statistics and patterns of workshop scheduling in these rooms at least once per year. This policy may be revised based on data that indicates higher or lower needs for flexibility with these spaces.

Additionally, comparisons to use in Computing Classrooms affirms heavy program workshop and meeting use during the same days and times listed above.


Adopted November 28, 2018. Revised April 4, 2019. Revised March 14, 2023.