Teaching and Learning at Evergreen

Transcript Review

A tool used to assess Evergreen graduates.

End-of-program Review

The primary tool used to assess Evergreen programs is the End-of-program Review (EPR), in which faculty provide detailed strategies about how they incorporate various academic areas into their programs.

Faculty Assessment of Teaching & Learning

Faculty Research & Assessment Projects 

2003 Update to the Teaching and Learning Report 

This 2003 update to the Teaching and Learning Report addresses the continuing assessment of Evergreen's work to ensure that Evergreen students achieve a well-rounded liberal arts education. View the Annual Update to Teaching and Learning 2002-03 or a Summary Overview of the report.

Teaching and Learning Report 2002

In January 2002, Provost Enrique Riveros-Schäfer convened an Assessment Study Group (ASG) to begin assessing the implementation of general education at Evergreen. The ASG Teaching and Learning Report 2001-02 is divided into two sections, one on "Teaching" (includes the first End-of-program Review and Student Pathways Analysis) and one on "Learning" (includes Transcript Review 2002 and Student Self-Assessment Indicators) at Evergreen. Each represents ongoing efforts to understand the College's work to educate students.