Student Surveys

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment conducts student surveys to assess learning gains, gauge levels of student satisfaction, and identify strengths and areas of improvement in academics and student support services.

Current Surveys

Evergreen New Student Survey
The Evergreen New Student Survey is administered to new freshmen and undergraduate transfer students every other year.

Evergreen Student Experience Survey
The Evergreen Student Experience Survey is administered every other spring quarter to a sample of undergraduates. The survey was designed to provide longitudinal data in conjunction with the Evergreen New Student Survey and Evergreen alumni surveys.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
The NSSE is a survey to assess the extent to which first-year and senior students engage in educational practices associated with high levels of learning and development.

Special Analyses of Survey Research

Student Affairs Indicators
Every two years Institutional Research provides select survey results from the National Survey of Student Engagement, the Evergreen Student Experience Survey, and the Evergreen One-Year Alumni Survey to the Student Affairs Office to inform their work.

Multi-Year Research
Longitudinal reports and historical survey trends 

Disaggregation of Results by Demographic Subgroups
Select survey results disaggregated by demographic subgroups, including first-generation, low income, race/ethnicity, sex, gender identity, students with disabilities, age, veterans, and students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.

Archive of Previous Student Surveys

COVID-19 Technology Survey (PDF) (2020)

This survey was administered by the COVID Altered Services Workgroup during spring quarter 2020 to get an idea of students' comfort and access to technology while away from campus.

College Student Survey (CSS) (PDF)
This survey was administered to college seniors to collect information on students’ college experiences and their level of satisfaction with these experiences. This survey has not been administered since 1997.

Cooperative Institutional Research Program Freshman Survey (CIRP)
The CIRP was administered to incoming students in the freshman class and was last administered in Fall 2000. This survey was replaced by the Evergreen New Student Survey in Fall 2003.

Student Learning Surveys
The student learning surveys track student learning through self-reported progress in various learning areas.