Faculty Assessment of Teaching and Learning

Photo of Critical Investigations faculty cohort

Above: Members of the Critical Investigations faculty cohort - a first-year curriculum initiative (2009-10).

Faculty at Evergreen are encouraged to reflect on their practices and engage in the assessment of teaching and learning. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment supports faculty assessment by participating in faculty development institutes and workshops and awards mini-grants for faculty assessment. Many of the projects listed below were funded by Institutional Research.

Faculty Research and Assessment Projects

Photo of faculty at End-of-Program Review celebration

Above: Faculty members discuss their work at an End-of-Program Review celebration. Stephen Beck and Susan Preciso were participants in a mini-grant program sponsored by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

End-of-Program Review (EPR)

Another rich collection of faculty classroom strategies was developed by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment from faculty responses to the End-of-Program Review (EPR) Assessment. Through this survey, faculty have shared strategies for incorporating the four divisions of the liberal arts (the Arts, the Sciences, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences) and four key skill areas (Critical Thinking, Information Technology Literacy, Quantitative Reasoning, and Writing). These findings are available on the End-of-Program Review Assessment page.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education also provides resources to faculty on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.