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Evergreen New Student Survey

The Evergreen New Student Survey is used to:

  • Study students' future goals after college and their level of confidence in their ability to succeed at Evergreen and obtain the education that they want;
  • Study student perceptions of their own skills and knowledge, which provide a baseline for measuring learning progress later in their Evergreen experience;
  • Study reasons students chose to attend Evergreen in order to understand the match between Evergreen's academic offerings and services and the students who attend.
  • Gather demographic information that is not available through other means, such as college records. This information is useful for understanding students' backgrounds and responding to student needs and changing demographics.

The survey is integrated with the Evergreen Student Experience Survey and Alumni surveys to provide for longitudinal research exploring student retention, student connection to the Evergreen learning community, and learning progress. New Student Survey Trends are also available.

2020 Survey

2018 Survey

2016 Survey

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2012 Survey

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2007 Survey

2005 Survey

2003 Survey

To explore special analyses of student surveys, go to "Special Analyses of Survey Results" on the Student Surveys page.

To explore Trends of the New Student Surveys check the NSS Trends page.