End-of-Program Review Assessment

The End-of-Program Review (EPR) was created by Evergreen's Assessment Study Group to improve cross-curricular general education and to help the college recognize and articulate curricular offerings.


In Academic Year 2001-02, the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment began surveying faculty at the end of each program. Faculty are asked which divisional areas of the Liberal Arts and other learning activities are included in their programs. Every five years, faculty and staff convene to synthesize results and make refinements to the survey. As a result of the first five-year review, the End-of-Program Review survey was substantially changed for Academic Year 2006-07. Because of the evolutionary nature of this assessment, trend data should be studied within a particular iteration of the survey: AY 2001-02 through AY 2005-06 or AY 2006-07 through AY 2011-12 or 2013-14 through 2017-18.

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EPR 2019-20

The End-of-Program Review results from Academic Year 2019-20 are the most recent results available.

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Results of the survey by Academic Area:


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EPR 2018-19

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