Diversity at Evergreen

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment conducts a variety of research and assessment projects related to diversity at Evergreen.


On the End-of-Program Review Assessment page, you can explore faculty responses to the question, "Did your program make an effort to address issues of oppression, privilege, and difference?" for programs in the following academic years:

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Student Demographics

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Student Experiences

Explore results from student surveys disaggregated by demographic subgroups 

Student Retention

Explore differences in retention and graduation rates by race/ethnicity, gender, and other demographic characteristics.

Faculty and Staff Demographics

Diversity Indicators

During the 2008-09 academic year, the Diversity and Equity Standing Committee developed a data collection framework to assess diversity at Evergreen over time. The resulting Diversity Indicators include: recruitment and retention, student learning and campus climate, degrees awarded, and faculty and staff demographics. The Diversity and Equity Standing Committee ended in 2016 and was replaced by the Presidents Equity Council and The Office of Equity and Inclusion. Diversity indicators are no longer updated.

For the final set of diversity indicators see Evergreen Diversity Indicators: AY 2015-16 (PDF).

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