The following are reports prepared by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment that pertain to curriculum studies at Evergreen.

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Common abbreviations and terms that may be encountered while reviewing curricular trend data include:

  • AL
    All-level programs for freshmen through seniors
  • AS
    Academic Statement
  • CIP
    The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) provides a taxonomic scheme that supports the accurate tracking and reporting of fields of study and program completions activity.
  • EWS
  • Evening and Weekend Studies planning unit
  • FTFY
  • First-Time, First-Year student (students attending college for the first time since high school graduation) 
  • First-Year Programs
    Programs for first-year students
  • FT Program
    Undergraduate full-time programs offered in the daytime curriculum
  • FTE
    Full-time equivalency (15 credits=1 undergraduate FTE, 10 credits=1 graduate FTE)
  • HC
  • Student headcount
  • ILC
    Individual Learning Contract
  • INT
  • LD
    Lower-division programs for freshmen and sophomores
  • Native Pathways Programs (NPP)
    The Native Pathways Program (NPP) is a upper-division program that promotes life-long indigenous scholarship by placing value on cultural and traditional knowledge, working with indigenous research methodologies, and expanding indigeneity through academia.
  • PT Program
    Undergraduate part-time programs usually offered through Evening Weekend Studies courses: 2-credit, 4-credit, or 6-credit courses
  • SCC
    Standing Committee on the Curriculum
  • TAC
  • Programs and courses offered at Tacoma site
  • TRI
    Programs and courses offered at Tribal: Reservation-Based/Community-Determined Programs - Now the Native Pathways Program (NPP)

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