Alumni Surveys

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment administers alumni surveys to:
  • Assess student learning
  • Find out more about alumni employment and advanced education
  • Gauge the level of alumni satisfaction with their Evergreen experience
  • Gather suggestions for improvements to the college

One-Year Alumni Survey

Photo of Sean Riley, MIT alumni, with Laura Coghlan and Jenni Minner.

Conducted one year after graduation and administered every other year

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Three-Year Alumni Survey

Conducted three years after graduation and administered every four years

Long-Term Alumni Surveys

Conducted five or more years after graduation and administered once per accreditation cycle (every seven to ten years)

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Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) Survey

The SNAAP is an online survey that provides national data on how artists develop and helps identify factors that better connect arts training to artistic careers. Evergreen joined 55 other higher education institutions during the 2015 administration of the SNAAP survey.

Gateways for Incarcerated Youth Academic Program Alumni Survey

During its first 13 years, the Gateways for Incarcerated Youth academic program enrolled over 540 incarcerated and non-incarcerated Evergreen students for college credit. An alumni survey was conducted in early 2011 to assess outcomes of program participants. Results are available for review as a final report (Gateways for Incarcerated Youth Alumni Survey 2011 (PDF)) and as a PowerPoint presentation that was used in a dialogue with key program stakeholders at Evergreen (Gateways Alumni Survey: Stakeholder Presentation May 2011 (PDF)).