Resignation and Retirement

Get everything in order before you retire or move on to another job.

Preparing for Retirement

See the Payroll and Benefits site for information about medical, dental, life insurance, and retirement supplementation. Human Resource Services will provide you information about the Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA).

As soon as possible, turn in a letter of intent to resign or retire to your supervisor with an effective end date (last date with the institution). If you're covered by a bargaining agreement, see the applicable agreement for information about when to give notice.

Send a copy to Human Resource Services (HRS). As soon we receive a copy of the resignation or retirement letter, someone from HRS will be in contact with you and your supervisor to provide guidance through the separation process.

If you are transferring to another Washington state agency or public higher education institution with no break in service, please let us know so we can connect with the new agency or institution to arrange your benefit and leave balance transfer.

If you don't directly transfer to another agency, your vacation leave balance at the time of separation will be cashed out with your last paycheck. Sick leave is non-compensable (exception retirement), however, if you start working for another state agency within five years, you can request that your sick leave be transferred.

Make sure your postal address is up to date on My Evergreen.

Make sure you've submitted any leave requests. If you usually certify your time, complete your final certifications before you leave.

Complete the Employee Check Out form (PDF). This will walk you through closing accounts, turning in keys, and so on.

Contact the Payroll & Benefits office to review any benefits questions and let them know how you'd like to receive your last pay stub.

If you have questions regarding separation or retirement, please call us at (360) 867-5361, or email

Thank you for your service at Evergreen, and good luck in all your future activities!

Supervisor Responsibilities

Download a supervisor checklist (PDF) to make sure everything's in order before your employee leaves.