Benefits to Living on Campus

Students love living in campus housing because it provides the right mix of convenience, cost, and access.

More than just a roof over your head...

When you live on campus, you know that your housing is secure for the year – which frees you to concentrate on more important things, like finishing that big end-of-quarter project or connecting with friends.

There are lots of intangible benefits. Living on campus helps you save time on your commute and reduce your carbon footprint. It makes it easy to attend campus events and explore the unique natural beauty of Evergreen's 1,000 acres of forests, trails and beach.

It also helps you engage deeply with your learning community. Compared to first year students who live off campus, first year students who live on campus are:

  • Twice as likely to study or work on a project with other students at home
  • 23% more likely to say their living situation had a positive impact on the ability to make friends
  • 18% more likely to say that Evergreen contributed to their understanding of people from other backgrounds
  • 16% less likely to move during the school year
  • 12% more likely to have discussions with people with differing views              

    *Source: 2018 National Survey of Student Engagement


Housing Community Center (HCC)

The Housing Community Center (HCC) is located at the heart of the apartment complex at the edge of Evergreen's recreation fields. This is where you'll buy your snacks and groceries, do your laundry and pick up your mail. It's also where you'll meet up with other residents for Housing community events.

Pedestrians and a biker pass in front of Evergreen's Housing Community Center building.
The Housing Community Center is located at the heart of Housing.


POD Market

A green and black sign with the words POD Market, Provisions on Demand
You'll find food, treats and supplies at the POD Market.

The name stands for "Provisions on Demand." This on-campus convenience mart sells popcorn, candy and other snacks – but the offerings don't stop there.

You'll find all the basic ingredients here for cooking at home, as well as take-and-heat frozen meals. You'll also find essentials like aspirin, toiletries and laundry detergent.




HCC Laundry Room

A masked student walks through a laundry room with a laundry basked slung over his shoulder.
Get your whites bright day or night.

Get set with clean clothes in the HCC Laundry Room.

This space is open for service 24/7. Laundry costs $1.50 per load, wash or dry.

Pay through an app on your smartphone, or bring quarters for the coin-operated machines.





HCC Mail Center

A student with long strawberry-blonde hair uses a key to open one mailbox in a row of silver mailboxes
Check your mailbox anytime and pick up packages Monday - Friday.

You'll find all the resident mailboxes here, as well as the Housing mail room.

This secure area will hold all packages sent to you via USPS, and will also accept and hold deliveries from UPS and FedEx if you aren't home to sign for them.

The mail room is open from 1:30–4:30 pm, Mon.–Fri. Bring your I.D. when coming to pick up a package.

Visit the Housing Mail Center page to learn more about the services available here.


Community Events

Groups of students chat in clusters in a large-ceilined open floor plan room.
Students relax in groups during an end-of-the-year party at the HCC.

The HCC is also a central gathering point for all kinds of events. This is where you'll meet up for everything from open mic nights to outdoor movies or organized beach walks.

Check in with your R.A. to find out what's happening in Housing.




More to Love Outside

Community Gardens

As a Housing Resident, you can reserve one of twelve garden plots to grow your own fresh produce – and access to the tools you need to do it. The beds were designed and built as a collaboration between residents, staff, and the Community Gardens student group.

Students work in raised garden beds in front of a blue apartment building
Grow your own organic produce steps from your front door.


An African-American couple builds a snowman together in a snowy open field
Evergreen's recreation fields are a perfect place to build a snowman.

Evergreen's apartments back onto a lush green recreation area. The open fields are a perfect place to picnic in the sun – or to start a snowball fight in the winter. You can grab a group of friends for a pick-up soccer game or visit the tennis courts to practice your serve.

You can head over to the soccer pitch to support the Geoducks or into the trees to play a round of frisbee golf on the course that winds through Evergreen's forest. Follow the trails a little further and you'll end up at the Evergreen beach.

There's no shortage of things to do. Visit our Outdoor Activities website to see more.


Easy Access to Everywhere

You can't beat the convenience of getting from home to class in 5 minutes or less. If want to explore further, that's easy too.

Evergreen Housing is served by two Intercity Bus lines (Routes 41 and 48) that take riders into the city of Olympia. Riding the city busses is free thanks to Intercity Transit's five-year Zero-Fare demonstration project.

Click the link below to learn more about the great things happening in our home town and region.