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About The Evergreen Fund

The Evergreen Fund provides student scholarships and research fellowships which are key to learning and professional growth, emergency grants essential to keeping students in school, and educational opportunities that enhance their college experience. When you support the Evergreen Fund, students’ futures are filled with hope, promise, and immense possibilities. Inevitably, the future also promises challenges, some of which students at our Olympia and Tacoma campuses are already facing including rising inflation, the aftermath of the global pandemic, and unexpected hardships that threaten their pursuit of a college education. They need your help.

Help us propel students on their journey of learning as they prepare to enrich our society!

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A gift to the Evergreen Fund, no matter the size, bolsters the ingenuity and ambition of Evergreen’s students, the power of the college’s teaching and learning model, and the inspiring difference our alumni make in their careers and communities. With the help of alumni, donors, and friends like you, students’ aspirations of a college degree become a reality. Thanks for your generosity!

Evergreen Student Demographics (Fall 2022)

  • Enrolled students: 2,116 
  • Average age: 29 years old
  • 46.7% are of non-traditional age (24+)
  • 85% are from Washington
  • 61.3% are women
  • 31.7% are students of color
  • 20.2% are first-generation college students
  • 35.3% of students are low income (≤150% federal poverty level)
  • 30.3% of students are below poverty level

“Your gift is affirming to my journey and values and is ultimately helping me accomplish my goals. I appreciate the belief and investment you have put towards my education.”
—Scholarship Recipient, Class of 2025

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