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You can support the experiences of Evergreen students in a so many ways.

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Olympia at night from 5th Avenue with the Capital Rotunda in the background.

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Olympia at night from 5th Avenue with the Capital Rotunda in the background.

Annual Giving

Your annual contributions enhance the quality of the Evergreen experience, and open the door for many students who couldn't otherwise afford a college education. The Evergreen Fund provides a stable and flexible stream of support for scholarships, academic programs, student projects and faculty research.

Evergreen Fund  Tacoma Annual Fund


Your gift to support scholarships helps students stay in school and afford the cost of attendance.

Learn more about giving to scholarships


Center for Creative and Applied Media Endowment

We are building an endowment to support future equipment purchases for the CCAM. This endowment will ensure the Center remains at the cutting edge of digital media over the next 20 years.

We have secured many pledges to this endowment; we are still seeking additional funds to ensure that the needs of our students, faculty and staff are met in the 21st century.

Give to the CCAM Endowment

Olympia at night from 5th Avenue with the Capital Rotunda in the background.

The House of Welcome Cultural Arts Center

The House of Welcome exists to provide service and hospitality to students, the college, and surrounding Native communities. With a design based in the Northwest Indigenous Nations' philosophy of hospitality, its primary functions are to provide a gathering place for hosting cultural ceremonies, classes, conferences, performances, art exhibits and community events.

The House of Welcome provides the opportunity to build a bridge of understanding between the regions' tribes and visitors of all cultures. The public service mission of the House of Welcome is to promote indigenous arts and cultures through education, cultural preservation, and economic development.

Giving to the House of Welcome

Daniel J Evans Reading Series in the Library

Your gift to this endowed fund will help Evergreen draw nationally recognized authors to give public lectures. The Reading Series aims to create cross-campus learning opportunities across the disciplines. This fund may also be used for material infrastructure to support presentations in the library.

Give to the Reading Series

Olympia at night from 5th Avenue with the Capital Rotunda in the background.

Supporting a vibrant future

The Art of Giving Fundraising Event

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Recap of the 2022 Event   Give to the Art of Giving

Olympia at night from 5th Avenue with the Capital Rotunda in the background.

Library Dean’s Fund

Your gift to this fund provides flexible support to the Daniel J. Evans library. Through this fund, the Dean is able to host readings and art gallery talks, to expand the library collection, to promote information literacy and media literacy, and to support professional development that keeps our librarians on top of emerging trends in information technology.

Explore Undergraduate Studies

Recreation and Athletics—Geoduck Club

Your participation is critically important to the success of our students. We invite you to join The Geoduck Club! The Geoduck Club plays an essential role in supporting our coaches, teams, post season play, facilities and projects such as the Recreation & Athletics Hall of Fame.

Give to the Geoduck Club


Sustainability in Prisons Project

The Sustainability in Prisons Project (SPP) is a partnership founded by The Evergreen State College and Washington State Department of Corrections. SPP creates truly collaborative programs that bring science and nature into prisons. Our vision is not only to save tax dollars and natural resources, but also to help inmates rebuild their lives for the benefit of all. Learn more about SPP.

Give to Sustainability in Prisons Project


Other Projects

Find a project that aligns with your passion, then make a gift online. Go directly to our secure online giving site, where it's easy to support these important projects:


  • Evergreen Gallery

Centers & Institutes

  • Center for Community Based Learning and Action
  • Center for Creative and Applied Media

Faculty Excellence

  • Bill & Betty Stevens Faculty Endowment
  • Jane Jervis Faculty Development Endowment

Lectures & Visiting Speakers/Artists

  • Cal Anderson Series
  • Willi Unsoeld Seminar

Priorities Around Campus

  • Athletics, including the Geoduck Club
  • Counseling Center
  • Evergreen Phage Biotics
  • KAOS Radio (one-time donation or monthly membership)
  • The Kutter Fund for Microbiology Research at Evergreen
  • House of Welcome Activities
  • Organic Farm
  • Patrick J. Hill Memorial Endowment
  • Student Food Bank
  • Sustainability in Prisons Project

The Evergreen State College Foundation

The Evergreen State College Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to building an outstanding future for The Evergreen State College.

Since 1976, the Foundation has supported this goal by raising private gifts from our remarkable and generous donors. Private gifts provide a margin of excellence and ensure access for students who may not be able to afford the cost of attendance through donor-funded scholarships, fellowships, program endowments, and other opportunities that enrich the Evergreen experience.

Learn more about the Foundation



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