Sabbaticals (professional leave) are governed by Article 14 of the United Faculty of Evergreen Collective Bargaining Agreement. Eligibility for paid professional leave will accrue at the rate of one quarter per 16 quarters (5.33 years) of full-time equivalent service to the institution (excluding summer quarter). Normally you can expect to get one quarter of full-pay leave with 5.33 years of eligibility, two quarters with 10.67 years or three quarters with 16 years of eligibility. Each quarter of leave taken erases 5.33 years of eligibility. Faculty with lower eligibility are still encouraged to apply—there may be instances where leave requests do not exhaust the available leave.

Faculty apply for leaves for two years in advance. An Academic Dean maintains the eligibility lists and distributes them to faculty at the beginning of each fall quarter, along with a call for leave proposals. Winter and spring leaves are encouraged due to higher enrollment levels during fall.  For more information, contact Trevor Speller, Curriculum Dean, at ext. 6063.