Sign Shop

Evergreen's sign shop staff is responsible for the fabrication, installation and maintenance of all permanent signs on campus.

Shop Location
3540 Driftwood Road NW
(Maintenance Yard)

Hours of Operation
Mon - Fri: 7:00 am - 3:30 pm, closed for lunch from Noon - 12:30 pm

Contact: Todd Hayes, Sign Maker
Phone: (360) 867-6378

Sign Shop Services

Evergreen's sign shop staff is responsible for the fabrication, installation and maintenance of all permanent signs on campus. In addition, complete design and fabrication services are available to the Evergreen community at competitive rates. Free cost estimate and preliminary designs can be provided upon request.

The sign shop can create free standing, hanging, wall mounted, A-frame (sandwich board), banners and hard or soft board signs. Cutting edge technology has narrowed the gap betweeen temporary and permanent signs, both in cost and aesthetics. Temporary sign options capitalize on modern labor saving techniques and competitive substrate materials. Design samples and graphics copied to email, printed on paper or vinyl are available upon request.

The goal of the sign shop staff is to provide friendly service and have satisfied customers. Clients are welcome to visit the shop to view design samples, materials, available colors, and fonts and for design consultation. Since staff are often working out in the field, please call for an appointment if you plan to visit.

All sign work and estimate requests should be submitted to the facilities services work order center. (See below for the necessary work request information to provide.)

Permanent Campus Signs

Evergreen is working to standardize and modernize all signage on campus. As older signs wear out or removed for remodels, they are replaced with the standard and ADA required signs. Typically, the font for office, room, area or department identification signs is Helvetica Medium or Helvetica Regular. A variety of fonts are available for special requests.

The Americans with Disabilities Act dictate the placement of wall and ceiling mounted room or area identification signs. In addition, Evergreen applies WA State Department of Transportation standards to all roadway, parking lot and some trailhead signs.

Average installation time for a permanent sign is 10 days from the date of the request (subject to materials availability and delivery). With early requests, signs can be installed by a specified day.

Who pays for what?

Facilities Services pays for routine location changes, maintenance, repair or replacement of existing permanent signs. The requesting department or organization pays for new and custom signs.

Submit all sign requests to Facilities Work Requests

Information to submit with your Work Request:

  • Requestor's contact information (name, phone and email address).
  • Type of Request:
    • estimate or work request.
  • Level of urgency for request:
    • (Scheduled, Routine, Urgent or Emergency). Please let the staff know if the sign is required by a specific date.
  • Type of Sign (permanent or temporary):
    • Permanent Signs: personal or shared office, room identifiers, department locater, building identification and locaters, signs on doors dealing with smoking, bicycle and pet policies and guidelines, emergency, street, parking lot and pedestrian signs.
    • Temporary signs: A frame, freestanding, banner, soft board, etc.
  • Specify size of sign.
  • Location of sign installation (typically by building and room number), if applicable.
  • Provide required or suggested text. (To get professional advice on the descriptions, send an Email or call the sign shop staff.)
  • Specify colors, if applicable.
  • Department budget number to charge to, if applicable.
  • Additional information you feel may be helpful to the sign maker.

If additional information is required, the sign shop staff will contact the requestor.