Key Issues & Access Control

We provide keys and access control for most campus buildings.

Key Issues & Access Control provides keys for all campus buildings, except Housing Facilities. Key Issues & Access Control does not supply keys for Housing facilities or dorms, to obtain Housing keys contact them at (360) 867-6132.

Key Issues & Access Control does not provide emergency unlocks or routine building locks and unlocks, contact Police Services at (360) 867-6832 for assistance with those issues.

Key Issues & Access Control Hours of Operation

Temporary hours of operation for the Key Pick-Up Window (until further notice):

Tuesday - Thursday 8 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 4 pm

Closed for Lunch 12 pm - 1 pm

Monday - Friday 9 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 4 pm
Closed for Lunch 12 pm - 1 pm 

Location: Facilities Services - Lab II 1260
Phone: (360) 867-5397
Email: Key Issues & Access Control

See also Key Issue Procedures (PDF).

Authorization to Issue Keys: Faculty, staff and students will be issued individual keys to offices and assigned laboratories, master keys and all keys to buildings, as needed upon authorization of the person charged with building or area responsibility. The authorizing person must complete a key authorization form, available at Key Issues & Access Control or send an e-mail detailing the need. The length of time that the key is to be issued is determined by the authorizer or by Key Issues & Access Control.

To Obtain Key(s): The person being issued the key(s) will submit the Key Authorization Form with the necessary signature(s) to Key Issues & Access Control, and show their Evergreen College identification card to Key Issues & Access Control staff.

To Return Key(s): Keys must be returned to Key Issues & Access Control by the due date, or by the last day of employment, whichever occurs first.

Due Date Extension(s): The authorizer must resubmit a Key Authorization Form to Key Issues & Access Control, or send an email, with the new due date.

Lost, Stolen and Unreturned Keys

When loss due to negligence or theft is reported, a key charge will be levied.

  • $25 for a regular key
  • $20 for electronic key cards and key fobs
  • $50 for a sub-master key
  • $100 for a master key
  • $200 for a grand master key

Complete a lost key payment form, available at Key Issues & Access Control. Take the completed form to the cashier and pay the required fine. Return the receipt along with the form to Key Issues & Access Control so the individual's file can be updated.

Fine is refunded minus $10.00 service charge if the lost or stolen key is found and returned to Key Issues & Access Control within 90 days of initial billing date.

For students, if keys are not returned by the indicated return date, Key Issues & Access Control will advise Students Accounts to bill the individual at the lost key rate. For all others, a bill for the amount of the lost key rate will be charged to the key holders account.

Appeals Process

If a Key Holder believes that they should not be held responsible for their lost key(s) or a charge has been made in error, they have the right to appeal the lost key charges.
Appeals Process

Key Control Office Disclosure

Keys are the property of The Evergreen State College. Key Issues & Access Control reserves the right to refuse Keys to individuals with lost, delinquent or unpaid key fines on their account.