Building Services Guidelines for Event Support

Building Service operations support student activities and the college academic mission by providing equipment for events, set-ups/take-downs, and opening/closing Longhouse and CRC walls. 

Using Equipment Only?

Equipment for student sponsored and run events may be obtained by contacting Building Services

  • Library Basement, room 0613
  • Call (360) 867- 6317 or (360) 867-6347

At this location, event organizers may obtain and fill out an Equipment Request Form for the purpose of reserving equipment such as portable folding tables, folding chairs, trash cans, stage risers, cleaning kits and other items. In order for Building Services staff to be helpful, it is important that we receive all the important details of your program, such as event name and sponsor, date of the event, location(s) or scheduled space, set-up time, start time and end time. Having a prepared Campus Production Report with you will be very helpful.

Usually, we will try to personally walk you through the needs you have and advise you on the best way to utilize college equipment. Requests dropped off with us without personal contact, leave room for error and misunderstanding. By making sure to provide us the necessary information about the date, location, set-up time, and start time of your event, and the exact items required, Building Services staff will set out the equipment you will need, and it will be available when you need it.

As a general rule, items such as folding tables, stage risers, and trash cans may be picked up in the Library building basement at the roll-up door.

The expectation for use of this equipment is that each item will be returned right after the event, properly stacked or loaded, to the location where it was originally picked up unless otherwise arranged.

A word of advice. We maintain every effort to provide you what you need for a successful event, but our staff resources are limited. It is a good idea to double check with us two or three days in advance of your event to make sure we have everything you expect and to make sure any changes since your original contact have been implemented.

One last important note: All stage risers must be routed to different building levels and external locations by using the Library building freight elevator. The carts and stage risers are too large to transport by way of building passenger elevators!

Event Set-up and Strike by Building Services Staff

Building Services staff will help support your event by setting up and taking down (strike) your event equipment for you. The cost is a reimbursement of labor time involved and will be charged to your budget. The current rate can be obtained by calling the Facilities Work requests at (360) 867-6120.

To request event support labor and equipment, two things are necessary

1) Your Student coordinator or Account Manager must email Facilities Services Center with a request to do the work. You will need to provide an account number for labor charge-back and:

a) The name of the event
b) Date of the event
c) Location of the event
d) Setup start time
e) Event start time
f) Event end time

2) You must provide Building Services a completed Equipment Request Form showing what you need, along with a drawing of the anticipated space set-up that clearly illustrates the locations of chairs, tables, staging (see staging layout examples) and placement and other critical items relative to the space you are going to use.

About the Longhouse

The Longhouse is a popular location for events on campus. For the most part, additional tables and chairs are not required from our portable equipment inventory. The building is generally equipped with an appropriate amount of tables and chairs to accommodate the number of people that the building will hold. The routine building equipment includes a podium. In many cases, except where food serving is anticipated, there are enough waste receptacles in the inventory. If stage risers are used, they must be transported from the Library building via forklift equipment. This generally raises the set-up cost somewhat for stage use in this building, but may be offset by the fact that the space is otherwise more fully equipped with other furnishings.

For relocation of the Longhouse's portable walls, bleachers or sound equipment, contact Electronic Media at (360) 867-6270.

About Weekend Event Support

Your event may be scheduled for a weekend. Our Building Services Weekend Support personnel consist of two persons. These staff are scheduled to work together between the hours of 11:00am and 7:30pm primarily for restroom care and restocking supplies in all campus buildings, secondarily for event and emergency support.

For weekend events, the Friday night swing shift personnel ordinarily set out all event equipment that is scheduled for use on Saturday, unless otherwise arranged. Equipment that is needed on Sunday is made ready by our two Saturday weekend support staff. For major events, additional staff overtime may be scheduled and paid for by the event account by emailing Facilities Services.

Weekend staff are equipped with radios. They may be reached by contacting Police Services office at (360) 867-6140 in case of an emergency between the hours of 11:00am and 7:30pm.
Police Services also has the Facilities Services callback phone number list for supervisors.