Secondary Transition

Meaningful Transitions: Connecting IEP Transition Planning, HSBP, and Graduation Pathways 

(Free, 0 clock hours; or 20 clock hours, $80)

This course takes you through Individualized Education Program (IEP) Transition Plans, High School & Beyond Plans, and Graduation Pathways and shows the interconnection between all. Participants will learn basic components of each and how a student’s academic journey can be customized to meet their unique needs and desired outcomes.

Secondary Transition: Agency Connections

(12 clock hours, $48)

Provides an overview of several agencies that work with students with disabilities as they transition from school to work. Gain a basic understanding of the resources and supports available to all students, including those for whom competitive employment may not be an option.

Secondary Transition: All Roads Lead to Employment

(11 clock hours, $44)

Explores assessments, resources, and lesson plans in the areas of emotional intelligence, self-determination, self-advocacy, independent living, and supports for employment to ensure that students with disabilities receive the services and supports necessary to pursue their post-school expectations. 

Secondary Transition: Developing Job Shadow Experiences (Updated 2023)

(10 clock hours, $40)

The overall goal of this course is to develop an understanding of instructional and assessment practices that will lead to meaningful job shadow experiences that align with a student's post-secondary goals.  Research tells us that providing job shadow experiences that align with a student's expressed interests increases the likelihood of gainful employment after exiting the K-12 system. The course starts with the introduction module then moves into and explores the concepts of work-based learning, collaboration, and the job shadow experience.

Secondary Transition: Partnerships for Inclusion - Special Education and Career Technical Education

(12 clock hours, $48)
This course provides an overview of inclusionary practices and the importance of collaboration between special education and career technical education. Participants will learn strategies to increase access to CTE courses for students with disabilities while working through the complex change of building CTE and SE partnerships. 

Secondary Transition: Postsecondary Education and Training

(12 clock hours, $48)

Provides an overview of the many transition services available to support a student’s transition from high school to postsecondary education and training, including non-traditional college options. Gain an understanding of how IEP teams can plan coordinated services that will help students with disabilities make progress toward their postsecondary transition goals.

Secondary Transition: Student-Led Individualized Education Programs (Updated 2023)

(10 clock hours, $40)

Designed to inform educators about best practices in involving students in their individualized education programs (IEP), giving them leadership opportunities, and ultimately encouraging them to become the drivers of their IEPs.

Secondary Transition: Working More Effectively with Diverse Youth and Families

(8 clock hours, $32)

Provides an overview of important issues involving students with disabilities from culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds and the challenges facing CLD students, their families and the caregivers who support them. Explore cultural competency, transition, language access laws, adult service eligibility, agency collaboration, and person-centered planning. Gain an understanding of CLD issues, best practices, and the resources and supports available.

Secondary Transition: Writing Effective Transition Plans (Updated 2023)

(10 clock hours, $40)

Designed to inform educators and families about best practices in developing transition plans within the individualized education program (IEP).