Hungry Greener Voucher Program

The Hungry Greener Voucher Program allows Greeners to receive a limited number of free meals in The Greenery.

Any Resident Greener with a meal plan can donate to the program directly from their existing meal plan.

At any given moment in time, there are a number of Evergreen students who are concerned about where their next meal will come from. It is estimated that nearly half of all college students in the U.S. are insecure about reliable access to food, especially affordable and nutritious food. * Evergreen is committed to fighting student hunger with a Basic Needs Center and weekly campus food bank. Adding to these important services, students have requested a meal voucher program to be established.  This will allow hungry Evergreen students access to a meal at The Greenery in an anonymous way. Anyone that has a meal plan can also donate some of their unused meals to this program to help fellow Greeners.

If you are an Evergreen student concerned about where you will get your next meal, this program will provide limited funds to eligible students that can be used can be used confidentially in The Greenery using your current student ID card. Because the block meals will appear on your ID card, others will not know that your blocks have been donated.

This program was piloted in the Fall of 2017 and is a collaborative effort with the Food Systems Working Group, ARAMARK, and Residential and Dining Services (RAD). This program was modeled after the WSU program “Cougs feeding Cougs.”  

Eligibility Information

To receive meals using this program you must meet the criteria below:

Not have ready access to money with which to buy food.

Be a current resident of Olympia Evergreen campus. 

Have less than 5 blocks on your dining account. 

Be aware of the Basic Needs Center in the CAB and aware of the food bank on campus on Tuesdays. 

 To find financial resources on campus contact the Financial Aid Office.

Details of Use

All students are eligible for this program but must apply. If you qualify, up to 5 block meals per request, once per quarter, (depending on availability of donations and number of people applying for the program) will be added to your student ID to use in The Greenery.  Students may apply for a maximum of 5 block meals to use each quarter. Students experiencing continual financial hardship are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office and make an appointment to meet with a financial counselor to learn about all the options that are available.

Because of anticipated high demand for this program, any blocks left on a recipient of this program’s ID at the end of three weeks will be deleted and transferred back to the program for other students. 

Donate to the Program

Any resident with a meal plan can donate starting week 2 of each quarter. 

People may donate:

  • Any guest passes on their dining account
  • For those on mandatory meal plans:
    • Two block meals each quarter 
    • maximum of $50 DB each quarter
  • Those on voluntary meal plans may donate as many meals and DB as they would like.