Program Budgets

Program Budget Requests

Program coordinators are responsible for submitting budget requests for their academic program. Faculty who are planning courses or who are offering contracts, SOS, or Undergraduate Research curriculum need not request budgets. Sarah Ryan will follow up with an email to EWS faculty with instructions regarding courses and budgetary support. Budgets for the graduate programs, Tacoma and Reservation based programs are allocated separately. To make a program budget request, please go to your my.evergreen homepage and look for the "Academic Resources" link. The deadline for submitting these forms is the end of week 3 in Spring Quarter. Contact David McAvity, Academic Dean for Budget and Space if you have any questions.

Space Requests

Request teaching spaces for your program by contacting Space Scheduling or the relevant building manager, depending on the nature of the space you need. You can make requests through "Academic Resources" on your my.evergreen homepage. If you are not sure which spaces are managed by which manager, please contact Space Scheduling.

Capital Equipment Requests

If you have equipment needs for teaching your program contact the relevant equipment managers below. You can request equipment through "Academic Resources" on your my.evergreen homepage.

Other Program Related Information

  • Copyright: If you have questions regarding the use and reproduction of copyrighted material, visit the Library’s Copyright web page
  • Student Fees, Accepting New Students, and Online Teaching: You should have already indicated your decision in the Curriculum Management Database (CMD)
  • Book Ordering: The Greener Bookstore