Learn about vaccination leave for employees.

Find vaccine options (including boosters) in Olympia or Pierce County.

If you need help getting a vaccine, here are some support mechanisms that Evergreen can offer. If your needs aren’t addressed, let us know at COVID@evergreen.edu, and we will work with you to make vaccination as painless as possible. 

Remember: you don't need insurance to get a vaccine – you just need a photo ID. If you don't have a photo ID, talk to the Department of Health or let us know. Vaccination sites take a wide variety of identification, and we will see if you have ID that qualifies you to get a vaccine. 

Transportation to get a vaccine

  • We will help you find a clinic that coordinates with the bus schedule
  • Call the Department of Health’s vaccine hotline, 833-VAX-HELP, and get a code to use for a free ride to a vaccine appointment through Lyft and Uber.

Help finding appointments and filling out forms

Evergreen's volunteer support group can help you access vaccine scheduling sites, fill out a waiver, or solve other problems you might face while signing up for a vaccine. If you are worried or confused, we can help you. Email us at COVID@evergreen.edu and a ‘vaccine navigator’ will reach out to offer support and resources to get your questions answered and your vaccine goals achieved

Students can also access a computer by using “Speedy’s Study Space”. 

Lost Vaccine Cards

  • If you lost your vaccination card and still need to get the second dose of a two dose vaccination, the vaccine provider can fill out and give you a card to record your second dose. 
  • Talk to the provider for your vaccine (if you were vaccinated in WA, this may be the Department of Health); the vaccine provider can can issue a replacement in many cases.
  • Go onto myIR.net or my IRmobile.com and find your vaccination status if you got your shot(s) in WA. Take a screenshot, and use that as your documentation upload. Make sure your name and vaccine are both visible on the screen.
  • Talk to your health care provider if you got your vaccination outside of WA. They may be able to pull it up in their system. Get them to send you a vaccination record of your COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Check the Washington Department of Health's page to Access your Family's Immunization Information.

You can also email COVID@evergreen.edu if none of these options solve your problem.

Work, childcare, and sick leave

If you get sick, need to take off work, or need childcare, it should be covered under your employee rights and/or sick leave policy. Check with human resources, your employee assistance program, or the Washington Department of Labor and Industries.