Supervisor and Faculty Instructions for Health Verifications

For supervisors and faculty who need to screen for in-person events or access health verification forms

Health Verification Screening Guidelines

Supervisor guidelines (PDF) are available for when, where, and how you are responsible for screening visitors, employees, and students for in-person services or activities. These include on-site screening and visitor log documents available for use.

  • No one should come to campus if they are sick or suspect they have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Initial screening using the Health Verification Form (HVF) is required for all Evergreen employees and students.  
  • Compliance monitoring is the responsibility of COVID supervisors for their area to ensure compliance with initial screening.
  • On-site screening is required to access any indoor drop-in activities or services, or outdoor in-person services lasting more than 5 minutes. 
  • Anyone can complete a paper health verification anywhere on-site screening is required if they haven't or can't complete an online form.

Accessing Employee Health Verification Forms

Supervisors can access the employee report via by opening the COVID-19 Health Verification Form (it's the same link used to submit your own), and using the "Reports" menu in the top-right of the screen.

Supervisors must check the report daily to confirm employee submissions of those working in-person or on campus. In addition, as a supervisor you can complete the form for your employees via a proxy submission if they are unable to.

If you do not see all your employees, use the drop-down menu at the top of the reports window to access other work areas. Often, HR designations in the system are more granular that functional area. If you still don't see the correct people, email and provide the name of the work area you need to view and you will be manually added as the supervisor for that area. 

If any of your employees do not “pass” the COVID-19 Health Verification Form they are automatically instructed to stay home and contact their supervisor. A member of the Health Assessment Team will follow up with them. Your responsibility is to work with the employee and Human Resources to develop a remote work plan or alternative, when possible. You should not ask for specific information regarding why they did not pass the verification.  

If you are a supervisor of students, they will appear in your report for any day they come to campus and complete the form, whether they are working or not.

Accessing Student Verification Forms

Faculty will have access to student COVID-19 verification confirmations in the updated class lists in their class list and vvaluations on  

If any of your students do not “pass” the COVID-19 Health Verification Form they are automatically instructed to stay home and contact their faculty. A member of the Health Monitoring and Response Team will follow up with them. Your responsibility is to work with the student to develop a remote alternative, when possible. You should not ask for specific information regarding why they did not pass the verification.