Safety Guidelines

Learn about Evergreen's COVID-19 safety guidelines and strategy

Evergreen's Safety Guidelines

Evergreen’s COVID-19 prevention, mitigation and monitoring allows for robust COVID prevention and response, and offers flexibility to pivot and respond to latest information, so we can return to campus safely.

  • We use effective prevention strategies like masking, physical distancing, and ventilation. The college is tracking, and in compliance with up-to-date guidance and requirements from the CDC, OSHA, WA Labor & Industries, WA Dept. of Health, and Pierce and Thurston County public health departments. 
  • We are a fully Vaccinated Campus. Evergreen mandates COVID-19 vaccination for all students, employees and contractors, and ensures compliance with the mandate for all "in-person" activities at Evergreen. 
  • We employ targeted PCR testing to monitor case rates and sources of COVID-19 spread on campus and among students and staff. We offer free testing to all community members.
  • We use a proactive monitoring strategy to identify and isolate positive cases (whether symptomatic or not) to quickly contain outbreaks. The Evergreen Health Assessment Team, in partnership with the Washington Department of Health, actively monitors cases on campus and areas of increased risk. 
  • We continuously monitor both local community transmission levels and applicable regulations for changes as vaccination becomes more widespread. 
  • Once most students and staff are vaccinated, we will consider adjusting monitoring and testing protocols and other countermeasures. As vaccine coverage increases, monitoring and behavior restrictions by vaccinated individuals, and then potentially unvaccinated individuals, may loosen. The exact cut-off for changing these protocols will depend on multiple factors, including community transmission levels and whether other mitigation strategies are in place, and may change throughout the academic year. 
  • Evergreen unifies all monitoring, and vaccination data and other space reporting where possible to simplify the process for our community and to protect sensitive information.  

Standard Precautions and Safety Plans

Students and employees must have approval of a supervisor or faculty, in addition to completing safety training in order to participate in in-person activities.  

Approval Process

The COVID Coordinating group is in the process of finalizing the workflow for the approval process. This workflow is informed by the Fall Priority Planning Document (DOCX, login required). See something missing for clarity or incorrect? Email

Once you are approved and trained, you must comply with the Standard Precautions, in addition the relevent safety plan(s) listed below.  This list is updated as activities are approved.

Safety Plans

Campus Safety Plan

All Evergreen employees and students participating in an approved in-person or on-campus activity must be familiar with and trained on the basics of the Campus Safety Plan (PDF). 

Work Area Safety Plans

Each approved activity for in-person work may also have site-specific safety plan. If you are participating in approved in-person or on-campus work, you are required to be familiar with and trained on the basics of this plan as well.  

Instructional Safety Plans

Each academic program approved for in-person instruction adheres to activity-specific safety plans.

Here are the plans from Spring 2021:

  • Field Activities (Word)
  • Lab Activities – Indoor (Word)
  • Laboratory Activities – Outdoor (Word)
  • Research – ILC, Undergraduate, MES, SURF  (Word)