Support for Remote Learning

Free public wifi options

The Washington State Department of Commerce has a map listing more than 400 wifi hotspots. Each listing includes information about availability times and login requirements. More are added daily.

The hotspots closest to Evergreen are at the Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater Timberland libraries. Wifi is also available at a variety of locations in Shelton and outer rural areas.

Commercial internet options

If you have internet service but need more speed or bandwidth, we recommend calling your provider and asking what’s available to support you and remote learning. Several websites we reviewed indicate companies may have discounts or free temporary upgrades.

If you need to subscribe to new service or upgrade your service and need financial assistance, email the Financial Aid office at about increasing your current award or applying for emergency funds.

Getting a suitable device

Remote learning means that you will need to have access to a computer, tablet or phone that can access Canvas and Zoom. A phone is not recommended for writing-intensive learning. A Bluetooth keyboard can increase functionality of small devices. You will need to be able to communicate regularly with your faculty via email or Canvas and submit your work and discussion responses online.

You’ll need a device that’s sufficient for the following activities:

  • Participating in lecture, discussions, and other learning activities in Canvas and in some cases by video via Zoom. This requires both the ability to watch and hear videos and to respond to discussion questions via your device.
  • Corresponding with your faculty and other students by email.
  • Writing papers, exams, and other assignments.

If you don’t have the necessary technology, consider one of the following options:

  • Chromebook Check Out

    Evergreen’s library circulates Chromebooks, a platform for cloud-based learning technologies. Find out more about checking out a college Chromebook.

  • Request additional aid to purchase a device
    If you’d prefer to buy your own laptop or Chromebook, you may be able to receive additional financial aid; email the office for instructions at Some students may be able to receive an Emergency Grant or Loan to make a purchase. These funds would also apply to making a small purchase such as a webcam, Bluetooth keyboard, or headphones to add to an existing device to facilitate remote learning.

Technical support

We are offering Keep Learning: Canvas and Keep Learning: Zoom workshops during summer and fall quarters. These workshops will help you gain confidence in using Zoom and Canvas so you can participate in remote learning environments. You will also learn where to get help when you need it at any point in the quarter.

The Canvas Keep Learning site allows you to enroll and lists workshop dates and times.

  • Workshops will be held using Zoom.
  • You will need access to a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

Self-guided tutorials are also offered through the Canvas Keep Learning site and Evergreen’s help wiki.

Help wiki guides

Technical support for students will continue to be available from our student technology support staff by submitting a help ticket. We are also working on chat and Zoom drop-in support options.

Additional Resources

Consider your wellness and study habits

Spend some time reviewing what you need in order to navigate time management, engage positively with your course or program, and pursue well-being. See Well-being and Academics During COVID-19.

Find an appropriate place to engage

Identify one or more places low on distractions and noise to engage in classroom activities by audio and video. It should be comfortable, but not so comfortable you find it hard to pay attention.


Faculty are committed to supporting student accessibility accommodations through Access Services during remote learning. Please contact Access Services if you have any questions about how to support your accommodations during this time.

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