Transformative Leadership

Create positive change
 Certificate Overview  
Credits 20
Duration 3-4 quarters
Next Start Date 

Fall quarter 2022

Location Online with synchronous class meetings via Zoom
Schedule Varies - see course descriptions below for details
Cost See Academic Certificate Costs and Aid for more information

What you'll learn

In this certificate, you’ll learn to motivate, inspire, and lead by developing foundational leadership skills. Discover the keys that lead teams and organizations have high morale, innovative environments, positive relationships, and a sense of purpose.

Courses for this certificate focus on some of the most important skills that ensure an organization is running effectively and in service of its mission, including:

  • Communication to inspire action
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Fostering belonging and inclusion
  • Self-awareness
  • Adaptability
  • Coaching
  • and more

By the end of this certificate, you’ll be ready to lead yourself and your team through complex challenges and continue reaching for success.

Certificate coursework

This certificate consists of a total of 20 undergraduate credits. Students complete 12 credits of core coursework and select 8 credits from elective offerings.

Core Coursework

Electives (select 8 credits)

Summer 2023 courses will be published in catalog in winter 2023. 

Leading Self: Purpose Driven Leadership

There is an urgent need for principled and purpose-driven leaders who are driven to serve a global society and create a sustainable world. Examine your passion and purpose, develop vision, and a create a plan of action to serve your community through individual reflection, collaboration, discussion, and projects.

Class meetings will take place Saturdays from 9 - 11 am via Zoom.

Leading Others: Building High-Performance Teams

Learn to develop leadership capabilities in yourself and in others. Inspire others to lead and to meet the demands of an ever-changing and complex world. 

Class meetings will take place Saturdays from 9 -11 am via Zoom.

Leading Organizations: Culture and Change

Organizational leaders must be able to change, adapt, and create cultures that are positive, resilient, and nimble. Learn about strategic thinking, organizational culture, creativity and innovation, change management, resiliency, and organizational agility to become an effective leader and make a difference in your work and community

Class meetings will take place Saturdays from 9 -11 am via Zoom.

Interpersonal Communication Skills in Organizations the Workplace

Interpersonal skills are the key to a positive and healthy work environment. Learn effective interpersonal skills for communication, collaboration and conflict management and how to use these skills successfully in the workplace as a team member and leader.

Class meetings will take place Saturdays from 1 - 3 pm via Zoom.

The New Psychology of Leadership

This course focuses on the importance of cultivating group identity and a sense of "us" for leaders to be more effective. It examines a range of theories and practices related to group identity, motivation and power, authority and legitimacy, justice and fairness, and followership and charisma.

Class meetings will take place Saturdays from 1 - 3 pm via Zoom.

Positive Organizational Behavior

This course will introduce you to key psychological and behavioral ideas that help leaders and managers increase staff well-being, utilize employee strengths, improve performance, and more. Through seminars, group activities, assignments, and projects, you’ll learn to become more effective at building hope and resilience among your team.

Class meetings will take place Saturdays from 1 - 3 pm via Zoom.

Principles of Management

This class is designed for students who are, or plan to be, in the position of managing their own work groups, starting businesses, managing non-profits, heading up large companies, or serving in government. It will introduce basic management concepts, tools, and problem-framing methodologies such as communication, managing in a global world, motivating others, managerial ethics, decision-making, and leadership.