Virtual Tourism

Spring 2023
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
8 Credits per quarter
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This program is designed for students who want to advance and deepen their studies in international studies, arts, culture, education, and human development and to bridge theory and practice. Students will meet weekly on-line with students from China and Vietnam to develop proficiency in inter-cultural communication and to learn and share cultural heritage. This will include studies in food, culture, sustainable agriculture that includes coffee and tea growing and arts, health, and community studies.

While this program does not require travel, interested students can participate in this class while traveling abroad. Study abroad does not need to be limited to China and Vietnam. Students traveling abroad can develop with faculty support projects and internships in countries of their choice. Students may also participate from home and engage in "virtual tourism."

In the first week of the quarter, each student will develop and submit on-line an intercultural project proposal and then complete that project during the quarter. Faculty will help students to design this proposal in support of students' learning and aspirations.

All students enrolled in the program will participate in common readings, seminars, and on-line assignments in collaboration with other Evergreen students and students from China and Vietnam.  Weekly class meetings on zoom will include seminars, workshops organized by faculty, and students, and opportunities to share learning and project work. Students will work with faculty to design small study groups, collaborative projects, and critique groups that will allow students to support each other's work. Weekly on-line posts will highlight students' progress and learning.


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Preparatory for studies and careers in

international studies, education, tourism, arts and culture, health, community studies

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Possible internships in China or Vietnam in spring quarter


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Possible study abroad in various destinations