Studio Projects: Rites of Passage

Fall 2022
Winter 2023
Spring 2023
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 25
16 Credits per quarter
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Our long lives are marked by celebrations, ceremonies, and often age-related events that we remember years later through associated objects and images. Artists are the ones who make the figurines, amulets, guardians, dish sets, etc. that pass through the memories of generations, and these objects are (or were) often made using ceramics. Ceramics and paint, cloth, paper, wood, and found objects are the materials we will focus on in this studio art program as we explore materials and technical processes that express our understanding of rites of passage. Which rites and rituals are public, and which are private across cultures? How have these commemorations changed over time and been influenced by travel and technology?

This will be a rigorous studio based program where students will spend fall and winter quarters focusing on ceramic art practices while continually experimenting with mixing media art as we will do workshops in ceramic hand building, ceramic wheel forming, ceramic glazing, three-dimensional design, printmaking, and woodworking. The spring quarter will culminate with options for independent art projects as well as internships related to the visual arts.

We will consider political aspects of the collection and processing of our materials, as well as the meaning associated with them in particular commemorative forms. Students should be prepared to constantly juxtapose theory and practice as they address both individual and collaborative assignments during fall and winter quarters. This program is open to people with a range of visual arts experience: beginner to intermediate students are welcome. No prior art experience is necessary, but enthusiasm, curiosity, and a strong work ethic are required. Students should be prepared to dedicate at least 40 hours per week to class time and homework outside of class. Students who fully engage in the theory and practice of this program can expect to leave the program prepared for more intermediate to advanced studies in the visual arts.

This will be a hybrid program (part in-person and part remote). In order to successfully participate in this hybrid learning course, students will be required to access the art studios on campus for workshops. The in-person work will be 75% of the program. For the other 25% (remote synchronous learning), students will need access to high-speed internet and a computer. We will be using Canvas and Video Conferencing (Zoom) to support our remote work. Students will not have access to alternatives to in-person or synchronous participation in this program.


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Students should have prior experience of at least 8 credits of college-level visual arts.

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This program will accept new students (Sophmore-Senior) with a substantive background in the following areas: visual art/design, art history, art theory. Admittance will be based on a background of at least two quarters of college-level related experience and strength of spring quarter application. Interested students should contact faculty Evan Blackwell by email ( to obtain the application. The faculty will interview students at the Academic Fair. Students who cannot attend the Academic Fair should email their completed application to the faculty. Admissions decisions will be made before registration starts for the spring quarter or on a rolling basis after registration begins.

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$125 each quarter: $100 for required studio fee, $25 for art supplies and entrance fees. 


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Art Annex 1100 - Ceramics Studio


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2022-04-28 Required fee increased to $125 (was $25)