Strategic Sustainability Reporting Fundamentals

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Tamsin Foucrier

In this course, students will explore the current landscape of sustainability reporting. This course will investigate the role of materiality and stakeholders in sustainability reporting and how enterprises (private, public and non-profit) can use sustainability reporting to measure their social and environmental impact. Students will also learn how to strategically choose reporting tools to integrate sustainability throughout an enterprise. Texts, original research articles and current events will make up the basis of course readings. This course will be delivered via lecture, case studies, workshops, and other media selections. Students will be expected to engage each other using materials from lecture, reading and their own experiences and perspectives.

This course requires both asynchronous work as well as meeting synchronously for 3-hour sessions on Zoom on four Saturdays throughout the quarter. Students are expected to self-manage asynchronous work and come prepared to engage in every Saturday workshop throughout the course. Saturday meeting dates and times are as follows: Saturday, January 13th 9AM-12PM PST; Saturday, February 3rd 9AM-12PM PST; Saturday, February 24th 9AM-12PM PST; and Saturday, March 16th 9AM-12PM PST.

Our study will require 10 hours of out-of-classroom work per week for weeks we do not meet synchronously and 3 hours of synchronous work and 7 out-of-classroom hours of work for weeks we have a Saturday synchronous session. Technology required for successful engagement includes high speed internet and a computer (not just a cell phone) for Canvas; Zoom (including breakout rooms with audio and video), and MS Office 365 including One-Drive. Students will also need to be able to conduct online research. If students find themselves unable to participate due to technology, caregiving obligations, economic disruption, health risk, or illness, they should be pro-active in working with faculty. This is the first of three courses that must be taken in sequential order which comprise the Strategic Sustainability Reporting Certificate.

This offering is connected to the Strategic Sustainability Reporting Certificate at Evergreen. For more information visit:…


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This offering is connected to the Strategic Sustainability Reporting Certificate at Evergreen. For more information visit:…




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