Strategic Planning

Winter 2023
Graduate Only
Class Size: 15
4 Credits per quarter
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Our overall goal is enable each student to prepare for strategic leadership in the public sector of tomorrow. Rapidly evolving political, economic, and social dynamics are transforming our society and the public sector that serves it. In the years ahead creative, agile strategic planning will be as much the hallmark of healthy, successful public service agencies and organizations as it is of today’s high tech startups. Students in this intensive course will strengthen their personal capacities to create and lead strategic planning efforts in public agencies, in community-based organizations, and in the hybrid collaborations which increasingly deliver key public services. Seminar work will explore strategic planning principles using real world strategic planning problems. Augmented by limited advance reading, students will use in-class “clinics” and structured strategic planning exercises to strengthen their personal strategic planning skills. The class will culminate in students’ design and conduct of a leading edge strategic planning process to explore the rapidly changing world of tomorrow’s public sector leaders.


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GR (4): 20262

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