Psychology and Popular Music

Fall 2022
Winter 2023
Freshman Only
Class Size: 46
14 Credits per quarter
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This program incorporates Greener Foundations. Greener Foundations is Evergreen’s in-person 2-quarter introductory student success course, which provides all first-year students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive at Evergreen. First-year students who register for 14 credits in this program will be placed into Greener Foundations for an additional 2 credits, totaling 16 credits. Once first-year students have been placed into Greener Foundations, they will receive an email confirming their registration status.

In this program, students will explore psychology and popular music.

The psychology portion of this program will provide students with an introduction to psychology. We will develop a better understanding of people's behavior and mental processes using empirical methods. In fall quarter we will focus on the major areas of psychology such as the biological bases of behavior, learning, thinking and memory, motivation and emotion, personality, mental health, and social interactions. In the winter quarter, we will focus on human development across the lifespan, from conception to death.

The popular music portion of this program will provide students with an introduction to music theory and history. We will focus on how diverse American musicals and popular songs inspire and help to shape emotions, memories, and identities. In fall quarter you'll learn how to analyze music and study musicals like "Hamilton" as critical texts for exploring how psychology and music interact. You'll also develop your voice and public speaking skills in progressive, safe workshops. In winter we'll focus on how music videos and social media together can depict and shape human lives and explore psychological and social issues. Students with prior musical experience can arrange periodic group tutorials with faculty and may craft music and musicals of their own. Talks and performances by guest speakers and artists will be offered in collaboration with the Indigenous arts program "Regeneration of Performance Arts: Indigenous Puppetry."

Every student will conduct an independent research project with guidance from the faculty and present their work multiple times throughout the quarter.


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