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The MiT: EL/ML Integrated Pathway centers the voices and experiences of English Language Learners (ELL) and Multilingual Learners (ML) in our K-12 schools and communities. Teacher candidates move through the 4-quarter graduate program toward earning their teaching certification while drawing on students’ cultural and linguistic wealth of experience relevant to the field of EL/ML education. Teacher candidates who complete the program will earn a Master in Teaching degree. Additionally, teacher candidates will be eligible to be endorsed in a content area (Elementary, Secondary Science, etc.) and in ELL.


Spring quarter’s theme is Equity of Opportunity and Access. Our learning this quarter is rooted in a commitment to supporting high-quality education for multilingual learners specifically guided by Washington state’s WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment) standards. We will come to know the diversity among language learners that include newcomers; students with interrupted formal education (SIFE); students with English as an Additional Language (EAL), and students whose funds of knowledge build upon their heritage and Indigenous languages. We will also focus on fundamental language acquisition theories, language program models, theories of learning, teaching and assessment methods which focus on English language development, and the foundations of education in the United States. 


The social justice emphasis of this program’s theme focuses on pedagogy which addresses equitable access to the curriculum while promoting access to rich learning experiences. Through workshops, seminars, field experiences and dialogue with community members and teachers in the field, we will explore these questions: 

  1. What is the meaning, purpose, and history of education in the United States?

  2. How do we develop, teach and assess curricula that provide meaningful, culturally responsive ways of knowing to K-12 students?

  3. How do teachers, and especially teachers of Multilingual Learners, ensure that students have access to the K-12 academic curriculum?

  4. How do teachers ensure that we address WIDA and content area standards while meeting the needs of students and local districts? 

Students who successfully complete the quarter will earn credit in: Language Acquisition (3 credits); Language, Culture, & Critical Pedagogy (2 credits); Social Foundations of Education (2 credits); Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning I (2 credits); Assessment (2 credits); Field work (1 credit)


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Prior acceptance to MiT 2023-24 Program

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Alternate Times: Students will participate in off-campus classroom site visits for approx. 3 hours each week in addition to published on-campus class schedule.

Week 1 MiT Retreat: Monday/Wednesday: 2-6pm; Tuesday/Thursday: 3-6pm

Posted times subject to change.

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LONGHOUSE 1007A - Workshop