Learn to Fly Drones and Prepare to Take the FAA "Part 107" Exam

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Drones - small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - are used by government agencies, companies, non-profits, and individuals, for capturing high-resolution aerial photography of landscapes, buildings, and events. Drones can support science studies, environmental analysis and restoration, crime investigation, infrastructure inspection, and so much more.  

This course will teach drone flight skills and digital photo and video techniques, which are necessary to work professionally in the growing field of drone photography. Students will also learn the body of knowledge to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) examination for a Part 107 flight certification. The Part 107 certificate is a requirement for anyone who intends to use drones for professional purposes.

Learn how to capture video and photography of your drone flights, using different angles, filters, and other aerial photography techniques. Learn how to use Adobe software for video editing, creating transitions, embedding captions and music, and creating dramatic movie effects from drone flight video. 

Evergreen's certified drone pilots will instruct students, through weekly drone flight exercises, to develop confidence in the capture of aerial photography and videography. Flight training will enhance student awareness and practice of safety and regulatory compliance requirements. 

Through weekly modules the course covers the aviation topics in detail, including airspace regulations, aviation weather, emergency procedures, airport operations, radio communication procedures, aircraft performance and loading, crew resource management, and aeronautical decision-making. Students who succeed in the weekly practice quizzes will be well-prepared to take and pass the FAA Part 107 examination, after the conclusion of the course. Students will develop a final drone video project for presentation at the end of the quarter. 

This drone flight class may be taken concurrently with the remote-sensing oriented class, titled GIS and Mapping with Drone Imagery - also offered during summer quarter.

Graduate students enrolled in this course will be required to design and execute an independent learning project on their own research topic.  

In-person Class Format: This course is offered fully in-person. Students should expect to attend in-person for all class periods. We cannot promise to offer remote attendance options due to illness or other absences. Students should strategize methods for getting notes from class when attendance is not possible.

CLASS SCHEDULE: Saturday mornings

Note: Students will be required to procure a drone device by week 2 of the "Learn to Fly" course in order to fulfill the flight instruction assignments. There are many low-cost drones available in the commercial marketplace, under/around $125. Faculty will provide guidelines and recommendations on models and capabilities. Students who have financial constraints should inquire with the Faculty about alternative options.


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