Data Culture: Statistics and Social Media

Spring 2023
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 32
8 Credits per quarter
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We are constantly bombarded with data. All the media we turn to for information – from radio and TV to Twitter and Facebook – use numbers, percentages, graphs, tables, and images to convince us of a particular point of view. But how and what do we actually learn from all these data? Do they help us understand the world and form reliable opinions? Or do they confuse and distract us from deeper thinking by promising objective facts?

This program focuses on teaching data literacy. Students will learn the concepts and procedures of introductory statistics while studying the use and design of social media platforms. We’ll analyze how data are represented and consumed on social media, how researchers gather data to understand social media, and the way data drives platforms’ structures. Theories of media, visual culture, software, gender, race, and power will ground our studies.

Students will be introduced to the analysis of data using descriptive statistics, probability, and inferential statistics. Topics will include: data collection methods; measures of center and variation; graphical presentation of data; probability; binomial and normal distributions; confidence intervals; hypothesis tests of one and two parameters, using normal, Student’s t-, and chi-square distributions; linear correlation and regression.


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