Cultural Arts and Identity

Fall 2022
Native Pathways - Olympia
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
2 Credits per quarter
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"Cultural Arts and Identity" is designed for students to explore their own cultural, traditional, and contemporary identities through the design creation and painting of design onto canvas, wood, shoes, or other found materials. The first section of the course will cover the historical and regional uses of pigment and paint, as well as a hands on demonstration of how to develop design and color composition skills. The second section of the course will cover the basics of creating designs that reflect personal, cultural, and/or community identity; these designs will be painted or transferred onto materials. This course is taught from an Indigenous lens but is open to all students wanting to explore and expand their design and painting skills. Students will be responsible for keeping a sketchbook of design ideas and color exercises. Credit equivalency: 1 Cultural Arts 1 Painting

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Start Date: Friday, September 30th

Specific Meeting Times: Friday, September 30th, 4-6:30pm; Saturday, October 1st, 4-6:30pm; Friday, November 4th, 4-6:30pm: Saturday, November 5th, 4-6:30pm; Friday, December 2nd, 4-6:30pm; Saturday, December 3rd, 4-6:30pm

Location:The Longhouse on the Evergreen State College campus in Olympia, Washington.

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LONGHOUSE 1007A - Workshop
Native Pathways - Olympia


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