Conserving and Restoring Biodiversity

Winter 2023
Graduate Only
Class Size: 15
4 Credits per quarter
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Faculty: Timothy Quinn, Ph.D., Chief Scientist of Habitat Program, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Conservation biology is a multidisciplinary endeavor that draws from the natural, social, and economic sciences. Conservation biologists study the maintenance, loss, and restoration of biodiversity, as well as how evolutionary processes sustain genetic, population, species, and ecosystem diversity. This course will mostly emphasize natural science elements of conservation biology but always within a social and economic context. The course will also provide a practitioner's perspective of the relationship between science and policy from work done in Washington State over the last 30 years. This course will introduce students to important literature, controversies, and promising methodologies for a variety of conservation biology applications. In addition, a number of local experts will provide perspectives on their applied work in the field of conservation. We will read, discuss, and write on various conservation topics. Course assignments will include written and oral exercises with peer evaluations to help students develop ideas and improve communication skills. This course will introduce students to the principal concepts and methodologies of conservation biology many of which are based in ecological science, enrich their understanding of the scientific contributions necessary for solving conservation problems, and further their powers of analysis and communication.

Classes will meet Wednesdays, 6-10. All class meetings will be in person without a remote option.


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