Business Finance and Management: Foundations

Fall 2022
Evening and Weekend
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 20
4 8 Credits per quarter
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Students will gain the foundational skills and training in the area of business management and finance. This course is part of the Business Finance and Management series, andfor students interested in the successful development and operation of business and social enterprises. Students can expect to gain foundational knowledge in financial management and business economics -- essential knowledge for managers and entrepreneurs. The learning objectives of this program will include but not limited to: Basic Financial Accounting (Journal and Ledger Posting, Trial Balance, Financial Statements preparation and reporting), business investment decision and planning, business economics (product pricing, market supply and demand, financial institutions). 

This program is designed to facilitate learning through active involvement in seminar discussions, workshops and team building activities. 

Students may enroll for 4 or 8 credits. Students selecting the 8-credit option are expected to engage their learning effort through in-service learning internships and case study projects  that integrate program materials with real life situations and issues. 

Students can expect the remote teaching to be approximately 4 or 8 hours of synchronous (scheduled) coursework per week (depending on credit option), using Canvas and Zoom. 



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Fr - Sr (8): 10157
Fr - Sr (4): 10158

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Business, Entrepreneurship, Community building and Public service management.

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Evening and Weekend
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