Art Process: Creating Animation and Objects in Dynamic Time

Winter 2023
Spring 2023
Sophomore - Senior
Class Size: 48
16 Credits per quarter
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In this two-quarter studio-based program students will investigate the different ways in which art making relates to time. The foundation of our studio work will be in sculptural or functional object making, and experimental animation. During the winter term students will complete a several-week rotation in each studio area. As we shift and adapt to the pace of each new medium and working mode we will observe and document how ideas, processes, and habits of practice emerge.

In the spring students continuing their visual art and media studies will design and practice specific studio routines, focusing in one medium. Throughout both quarters our engagement with studio work, reading, writing, and critical conversation will allow us to analyze contemporary and historic representations and valuations of time, materials, and artistic labor. This grounding in an understanding of how relationships between art process and product are constantly in flux will give students tools to shape their own pragmatic art futures. At the end of this program students will organize events to share their research and studio work with broader audiences.


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Spring 2023 Registration

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Students are encouraged to participate in both the winter and spring quarters of this program. Students with prior intermediate-level experience in either animation media or 3D visual art may be prepared to join the program for the spring 2023 quarter only. Students interested in joining for the spring quarter should email faculty for access to an application form. The form will ask students to share several images of prior creative work and a short writing sample on a topic related to course themes.

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Arts and communication

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$140 each quarter for project supplies and entrance fees.

Special Expenses

Optional: Students will have access to many of the supplies and materials necessary to create initial projects in the visual art and media studios. Students may choose to spend from $25 to $100 to cover more extensive projects.


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