Antisemitism Revisited: Post-Pandemic Hands-On Learning

Fall 2022
Day, Evening and Weekend
Freshman - Senior
Class Size: 25
2 Credits per quarter
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According to the Southern Poverty Law Center prejudice against Jews is sometimes called “the oldest hatred.” New versions are periodically invented, including in our times. In 2021 the American Jewish Committee reported a quarter of American Jews targeted by antisemitism and nearly half changed their identifying behavior out of fear. 82% of American Jews said antisemitism had risen over the last five years, while only 44% of the general public believed that to be the case. What is going on?

In Antisemitism Revisited, students will learn about how centuries of religious discrimination shaped Jewish experience, how 19th century racial thinking produced the modern prejudice against Jews called antisemitism, and how antisemitism subsequently intersected with other features of identity and affected diverse Jewish peoples around the world. The class equips students with new knowledge and understanding about antisemitism and related topics.

The course will meet in person on three Thursday evenings, and will take an all-day field trip to Seattle on Sunday, November 13 which will include a visit to the Holocaust Center for Humanity. All field trip expenses (other than meals) are paid for.

This course provides a first-hand experiential learning opportunity. Such courses were few during the pandemic.


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