Analytical Techniques for Public Service I and II

Fall 2022
Winter 2023
Evening and Weekend
Graduate Only
Class Size: 45
6 Credits per quarter
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Analytical Techniques for Public Service is a two quarter core program for second year MPA students. Each quarter focuses on specific approaches and components for applied research in public administration, public policy, non-profits, and communities. Via praxis (combination of theory and applied practice), our goal is to practice research design and analysis by gaining a better understanding of how to approach, critique, use, analyze, and communicate research in public service.
Learning objectives include:
  • Understand research designs and why we do research in public service.
  • Competency in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodologies.
  • Understand how research can maintain the status quo or change our social, economic, and political decisions.
  • Understand various research methods.
  • Become an ethical producer and consumer of research.
In the fall, we will respond to these questions:
  1. What are the paradigms of social science? How are paradigms used in PA?
  2. What is involved in producing data vs. information?
  3. How is research produced and consumed in everyday public service?
  4. What are valid and reliable data? What are causal and correlated data?
  5. What drives research design? What are the consequences of design choices?

In the winter, students collect and analyze the data collected in the research proposal designed last quarter; create documents and other materials to convert data into information; and, present research results in various forms.


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