Accounts Payable

This office is responsible for processing all payments for goods and services purchased by the college.

Meals and Light Refreshments  

The Meals and Light refreshments authorization request form (PDF) is required whenever meals or light refreshments are served at meetings or formal College sponsored training sessions. (Policy: Meals and Light Refreshments)


The Reimbursement Request Form (PDF) is used when faculty, staff or students have purchased something with their own money and they are bringing in the receipt to be reimbursed. Please complete the form, attach the receipt(s) and sign it where it says Payee Signature. Next, have a budget authority sign it at the bottom where it says Approved By before sending it to the Accounts Payable office.


We use an A-19 invoice voucher to pay vendors who did not provide an invoice.  All new vendors are required to submit a W-9 form.

Vouchers must be legible and in ink

When the A-19 is being filled out it is IMPORTANT for the name and address of the person being paid/reimbursed be legible.  If we can’t read the name and address it will not be correct on the check.  We do not mail checks to a campus address except to students in housing.  If you don’t include a mailing address, the check will be mailed to the current address in Banner or held in the Cashier’s office. 

Please remember to add the vendor's Banner ID number in the appropriate box.

For IRS tax reporting purposes a check mark is required to answer the question if the payee is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien.

Vendor’s Certificate must be signed

The person being paid must sign the Vendor’s Certificate before the voucher can be processed.  This must always be signed in ink.  Nothing on the voucher should be in pencil.

Receipts are attached or cash receipt numbers are referenced

For a reimbursement, the vendor must provide a valid receipt that reflects the merchant’s name and the amount paid to the merchant.  A credit card charge slip is not a valid receipt because it is devoid of the appropriate necessary for reimbursement.  If the reimbursement is for money previously paid to the college, the cash receipt number must be listed in the description field.

Account number and sub-codes are included

The voucher must have a valid Fund, Organization, and Account number in appropriate field.

Approval signature must be authorized for the referenced org. number

The organization approval signature must be a person authorized to sign on the referenced organization number.