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April – May Class Notes 2023


2007 | Lauriel Amoroso | Outdoor School Curriculum & Training Specialist 

My research was just published by Routledge in an edited collection on the making of Autoethnography. The book is titled: Crafting Autoethnography Processes and Practices of Making Self and Culture (2023), Edited By Jackie Goode, Karen Lumsden, Jan Bradford. My chapter (12) “Walking as Knowing, Healing, and the (Re)making of Self” is based on work I did during my Doctoral dissertation at Portland State University (2021). I hope this book is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in Autoethnographic and Narrative research methods. 


2013 | Rachel Morris | Energy Project Manager

Interested in reconnecting with other greeners!


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March – April Class Notes 2023


1973 | Tom Anderson | Mixed Media Artist

I started at Evergreen in 1971 and graduated in June 1973. The first year I was in the Man and Art Program and the second year I had an individual contract in film animation. I co-created the library stairwell mural, KAOS FM radio, the 16mm animation facility and worked as the first graphic design assistant to Connie Hubbard from 71-73. She and I co-created the first Evergreen logo and all the college catalogs and marketing material. I was a member of The Board of Governors from 2011-2018.


1980 | Ali Ramezani | Social Researcher 

Left for Iran after graduation. Lived through a revolution and a long war. Taught science in highschools among other occupations. Left for Canada where I have worked as a community mediator/facilitator and public policy analyst. Meanwhile I returned to school to compliment my Bsc in science with a master degree in philosophy and a PhD (ABD) in sociology and political economy. 


1983 | Kris Nelson | VP business development, MemPro USA Ltd.

Grateful to become the VP of business development for a nanofiber membrane startup that has developed a process for producing green hydrogen so efficiently that it promises to render fossil fuels too expensive. Thanks to the COVID lockdown, recording and now performing world jazz and songs on mandolin and flutes. Let's connect!


1999 | Tracy Wuster | Professor of Instruction 

In 2019, I joined the "Human Dimensions of Organizations" program at the University of Texas at Austin.  This interdisciplinary program teaches students to use insights from the liberal arts to solve people-centered problems in organizations.  We teach students to develop critical thinking (and feeling), improve their communication skills, to develop cultural competence, to collaborate effectively, and to become creative problem solvers.  I put the interdisciplinary skills I developed at Evergreen to work everyday. 

I am also the Executive Director of the American Humor Studies Association and published my first book--Mark Twain: American Humorist--in 2016.


2000 | Heather Sin 

Nader didn't come but Groening did!


2003 | Janelle Gauthier | Therapist 

While at Evergreen I developed a passion for mental health and social justice. I’ve been a psychotherapist for over 15 years specializing in working with parents who have lived through trauma, adversity and attachment difficulties. I’m so excited to be back in the Olympia community as owner/therapist at Flourish and Thrive Therapy. 


2012, MES 2017 | Greg Eide | Scientist 

As an undergrad I spent 4 quarters with Bret Weinstein. He wasn't my favorite professor, but it was a great experience. The night I was supposed to present my master's thesis, campus was closed because a group of students kidnapped the president of the school and were never disciplined for violating the student handbook, or the laws of the state of Washington. I was fully aware of the issue leading up to this day and I will always remember how poorly the leadership handled this situation. Otherwise I have very fond memories of attending Evergreen, and I recommend the school to any youth interested in a college experience with narrative evaluations.  


January – March Class Notes 2023


1973 | David Hazel | Lawyer

David Hazel is a Mediation and Arbitration lawyer at David Hazel Mediation in Washington State.


1975 | Diane Berger | Writer and Teacher

Diane just published a book, Small Boat, Vast Ocean: My Years in Solitary Buddhist Retreat. The memoir takes readers along on three and a half years of retreat in the Tibetan tradition, which took place in the Pacific NW. The book appeals not only to Buddhists, but those interested in contemplative life or depth psychology.  Now settled in Seattle, Diane is enjoying a full life--which includes four grandchildren.


1978 | Michael Huntsberger | Professor Emeritus, Linfield University

Now officially retired from the Journalism & Media Studies department at Linfield University, but still teaching media ethics, law and history at both Linfield and Pacific University. No longer active in radio, but the home office proudly displays treasures from KAOS FM, including the cast photo from Alive in Olympia, several concert posters, and the 1986 R. P. McMurphy award. My heart is forever at Evergreen, in the studios and control rooms, hallways and pathways, and on the waters of Eld Inlet.


1979 | William Grady Ward | Computing, Lexicography

Following my interests in computers at Evergreen, I learned the necessary skills to become an early employee at Apple Computer in Cupertino, CA. After achieving Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Operating Systems at Apple, my experience at Evergreen again gave me the confidence to change work to solo lexicography while committing myself as a husband helping to raise our two children, which in turn helped my wife and partner obtain her professional degrees.

Currently, my Moby Shakespeare, the first free digital complete works that I put into the public domain in the early nineties is estimated to have close to 100000000+ users directly including programs, apps, and derived libraries according to Andrew Murphy,1867 Professor of English, Trinity College Dublin.

Another work, Moby Thesaurus, also free, digital, and placed into the public domain, is part of the core training set for GPT4, the first widely adopted Large Language Model AI.

I credit Evergreen for my direction, skills, and inspiration to seed my work widely to help other developers contribute in turn. Thank you for my life’s work.

1986 | Kurt Batdorf | Communications Consultant

Kurt Batdorf joined the Washington State Department of Transportation in October 2022 as a communications consultant. He's writing about major construction projects in King County and Snohomish County. He still lives in Skagit County in a house he and his wife saved from demolition in 2017 moved by barge from Seattle.


1991 | Kim Wilson | Higher Education Director 

Kim just celebrated 25 years at the Labor Education Center of the University of Mass Dartmouth.  She credits Evergreen in finding her lifetime home in the labor movement through support for multiple union internships and by learning from great faculty like the late Dan Leahy and recently retired Peter Bohmer.


1993 | Early Ewing Hurley | Developer



2005 | Jennifer Dawson-Miller | Race and Social Justice Advisor, Founder of The Work Wonders

Jennifer Dawson-Miller (Miller) is a Race and Social Justice Advisor with the City of Seattle; committed to organizational change in government technology.  She obtained a Certification in Applied Neuroscience from the Key Change Institute, and has created an Inclusive Leadership Coaching model to support leaders in reaching their goals to become more inclusive and effective overall.  


2006 | Sarah Peace | LPCC, LMHC

My 2 years at Evergreen allowed me to go deep into depth psychology, consciousness studies, somatic psychology, expressive arts therapy. With my programs and evening courses I was ready for graduate work at CIIS. With my MA in Counseling Psychology I worked in California, New Mexico, and Washington. I returned to Olympia and opened my counseling practice there for 5 years. I have recently moved to Los Angeles, where I joined a holistic group therapy practice, Angeles Psychology Group. I provide therapy for California and Washington State adults, specializing in ecotherapy, psychedelic-assisted therapy and integration, Gestalt therapy, and therapy for transgender and all LGBTQIA+ folks. 


2011, MPA 2019 | Christine Lawrence | Judicial Assistant

I graduated from Evergreen with a BA in 2011.  I entered the non-profit sector and engaged in legal justice work.  I then took a deeper dive in legal studies and completed by Paralegal Certificate through the University of Washington in 2012.  In 2015, I joined state service and began to find my calling.  In 2017, I decided to enter the MPA program at Evergreen.  I graduated in 2019.  My husband and I welcomed a son in June 2021.  I am thankful for the skills and knowledge I gained from both programs.  I especially cherish the lifelong friendships and connections I have made.


2012 | Alo Johnston | Marriage and Family Therapist

My first book "Am I Trans Enough?: How to Overcome Your Doubts and Find Your Authentic Self" will be out February 21 through Jessica Kingsley Publishing. There's a section criticizing the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) that was strongly inspired by a paper I wrote at Evergreen through an Individual Learning Contract. Criticizing the DSM always comes full circle.


2012 | Jake Pirkkanen | Associate Director for Research Compliance at Middlebury College

After a 3 year post-doc at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in Canada working in a radiation biology laboratory 6,800 feet underground, I have taken a break from research science. In January 2022 began a position as the Associate Director for Research Compliance at Middlebury College in Vermont. This new job involves overseeing research compliance functions involving protection of human subjects, animal use, chemical and laboratory safety, as well as biological and radiation safety for the institution. I love being back home in Vermont and spending a lot more time at the surface of the planet. 


2013 | Melkorka Licea | Journalist

I'm currently a senior features writer at Insider (formerly Business Insider) where I cover the culture of wealth and money and how it intersects with crime and injustice. Before that I worked at the New York Post and The NY Daily News where I focused on enterprise news reporting and investigations. I studied media, film, and journalism at Evergreen and worked at the Cooper Point Journal for three years, serving as editor-in-chief my senior year. I moved to New York City after graduating in 2013 and currently reside in Brooklyn.


2014 | Nate Bernitz | Community and Economic Development

Nate Bernitz ‘14 joined the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension as a Community & Economic Development Field Specialist in January 2023. 


December - January Class Notes 2023


1981 | Steven Miller | Retired 

Retired from Federal civilian service after 30+ years with the US Department of the Treasury in 2018.  Living in Concord, North Carolina but may be making a change in the near future.  Have spent the last 17 years (12 married) with my wife Angie and our 3 cats.  Had no idea that Evergreen existed until a high school classmate told me and invited me to join her tour.  When I set foot on the "Square", I knew I was home.  Since graduation, I have enjoyed explaining to people what a "geoduck" is.  I will always remember my seminar leader, Craig Carlson, telling my mother "He's interested in everything.  If he ever finds his niche, look out."  I eventually found it thanks to Evergreen.  Looking forward to my next read, family visit, overseas trip or outing with friends.  To those I went to school with, I hope your lives have been as wonderful as mine.  And to those who followed in our footsteps, let it all hang out!


1982 | Eric Einspruch | Principal 

I am the Principal of ELE Consulting, LLC (, an independent research and evaluation firm based in Oregon. My most recent book, An Introductory Guide to R: Easing the Learning Curve, is published by Guilford Press (2022).


1985 | Milton Riess | Academic Chair and Professor of Film

Currently I am Chair of the Film and Digital Arts Department at Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After spending a few decades in Los Angeles working in Television for NBC and other studios, I moved to Santa Fe. I began teaching film production at the local college.  Eventually becoming dependent Chair. Evergreen let me gain the skills in filmmaking which I put to use nearly every day.  


2016 | Jessica Honiker | Oyster Farmer 

I use my Evergreen education every day to help grow oysters and clams in the Puget Sound! I really appreciate all that seminar looking back.


2022 | Jason Biehner | Marketing 

Changing the world one mollusk at a time! 


November - December Class Notes 2022


1974 | Mary Hoffman Schroeder | Retired Educator

I am an enthusiastic promoter of Evergreen. As a School Counselor I tried to find the right students to recommend the adventure in learning and self realization. I’ve returned to campus to visit, send my voice out over the radio station, and witness the changes over the past 48 years!


1978 | Jeff Jacoby | Professor & Practitioner of Media Arts

I've been actively creating sonic art and working on other, collaborative art projects along with performing my busy role as Professor of Media Arts at San Francisco State University. Among many duties, I advise and teach at KSFS Radio, our student radio station, and I'm also the Faculty Director of our new M.F.A. in Media Art. I invite you to have a look! Hello to all my old Greener friends! I loved my time at KAOS, midnight on Red Square, the actual top of Mt. St. Helens, walks on the nature trail with Kimmy the Radio Dog, and all the wonderful folks, many of whom I am still in touch with. Cheers!


1982 | Gilmore Crosby | Social Science/Organization Development

My next book, Diversity Without Dogma: A Collaborative Approach to Leading DEI Education and Action, comes out on December 20th! I quote my 1978-79 professors Stephanie Coontz and Peta Henderson in it, and apply the theories and methods of Kurt Lewin to understanding and resisting racism and other forms of prejudice.


1986 | Dee Koester | Executive Management

Founder and Executive Director of WA State Native American Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault-WomenSpirit Coalition since 2002, a Tribal Coalition. Dee is An Elwha Klallam citizen.


1993 | Anthony Kesler | Government Services

I am enjoying my time working as an Adjudicator for the Washington State Employment Security Department.


1994 | Cameron Combs | IT Professional

Cameron Combs, using pen name CK Combs, has short stories included in the Creative Colloquy Volume 8 (2022) and Mud Flat Shorts published by Mud Flat Press. Combs is working on his first full length novel, a YA mystery.


2014 | Katelyn Peters | Master of Fine Arts (MFA) candidate, Sarah Lawrence College

Katelyn Peters, New York, NY, began her second year as an MFA candidate in Poetry at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY. Katelyn has lived in New York City for five years, after moving for an Editor role at DotDash/Meredith in 2017. She has also worked as an editor for the photography magazines Photo District News (PDN), Rangefinder, and PDNedu, in addition to working as a freelance book editor.


2015 | Dedrick McCord | Data Strategist

Dedrick McCord, Atlanta, is a Harvard University Strategic Data Project Fellow. His research focuses on improving equity data strategy in Atlanta Public Schools.


2021 | Kelly Ramirez | Volunteer Director 

Studied media and film at Evergreen, now I'm lucky to invite the change I want to see in media by welcoming those less represented to join as volunteers at Olympia's one and only independent art house theater, Capitol Theater home of the Olympia Film Society.

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