Understanding Your Offer of Admission

You have been offered admission to the college for the term indicated in your Letter of Admission. The offer is contingent upon successful completion of any academic work in progress and submission of final transcripts (if needed).

We will inform you by letter and/or email what transcripts are needed and the due date. Please contact the office of admission if you have any questions about your transcripts.

Accepting Your Offer of Admission

To accept your offer of admission and commit to attending Evergreen, please submit the $50 Tuition Deposit no later than the date printed in your Letter of Admission. You can pay your deposit online through your My Evergreen account, by mail, or in person.

Moving Your Application to Another Quarter

If your circumstances have changed and you would like to enroll at Evergreen in a different quarter please call or email the Office of Admissions for instructions. You can only move your application once, and it must be done before the 10th day of the quarter you were originally admitted to.

Canceling or Withdrawing Your Application

We want you to attend Evergreen, but if your plans have changed and they do not include Evergreen, please inform us of your decision. Once we cancel or withdraw your application, we retain the records for three years. We’ll always welcome you back. Contact the office of admission for instructions on reapplying to Evergreen.