Congratulations on Your Admission!

Now that you’re in, here’s how to get started on your journey to becoming a new Greener.

Changes due to COVID-19

  • Fall quarter instruction begins Tuesday, September 29.
  • If public health conditions permit, in-person orientation activities will begin on Friday, September 25.
  • Students starting at Evergreen for Fall 2021 will be offered academic advising and campus orientation through personalized online advising sessions and virtual events.
  • Fall 2021 academic programs are planned as a combination of offerings for in-person instruction and remote/hybrid, subject to change based on local conditions.

Any information about changes to Fall 2021 will be posted on the college’s main COVID-19 information page.

In the meantime, please activate your account and review the information on this site to get started as a Greener!

This New Student Checklist (PDF) can also help you stay on track.

Financial Aid

We haven’t changed policies or process – you can expect to receive all the aid you’re eligible for. However, switching to remote operations has delayed the awarding process.

Your financial aid will be awarded before the new June 1 priority enrollment date.

If your financial situation changed after you submitted your FAFSA, contact the Financial Aid Office at and ask about an “income adjustment.” They’ll walk you through the timeline and process.

If your needs change next fall, Evergreen has emergency funds available to students. You may need to complete an income adjustment with the Financial Aid Office. Those can be done at any time during the academic year.


  • Evergreen housing has remained open during the COVID crisis in a reduced capacity. We look forward to expanding capacity in fall 2021
  • The online 2021-22 Housing Application became available April 30, 2021
  • Fall housing move-in will begin on Thursday September 23, 2021 
  • For the 2021-22 school year, all students will be placed in apartment style housing. Apartments feature four or six private bedrooms, a shared bathroom with two sinks, and a separate toilet and separate shower, with a spacious open-plan kitchen and living room
  • For more information, including pictures of apartments and floor plans, visit our housing page


Students participate in Playfair, where they play high-speed games designed to help them meet and connect with new friends.

Activate your student account

The starting point on your journey to becoming a Greener is a site we call My Evergreen. Think of it as a central hub for updates on financial aid, housing, registration, and even jobs for students. Once you’re a student, online tools for your programs will live here, too.

Discover your new home on campus

Living on campus links you directly to Evergreen’s vibrant community. Students who live on campus do better in classes and make more friends.

Pay your tuition deposit

Your non-refundable tuition deposit reserves your spot at Evergreen and allows you to select your programs when registration opens. After you activate your Evergreen account, you can pay your tuition deposit online.

If you’re a transfer student, we’ll evaluate your transfer credits after you pay your deposit.

Get started: advising, registration, and new student orientation


  1. Complete the online registration tutorial (available within 24 hours of activating your Evergreen account).
  2. Register for classes at My Evergreen starting the week of June 1, 2020.
  3. Plan to attend New Student Orientation starting Friday, September 25.

Transfer students

  1. Sign up for Transfer Advising Day.
  2. Complete the online registration tutorial (available within 24 hours of activating your Evergreen account).
  3. Register for classes starting the week of June 1, 2020.
  4. Plan to attend New Student Orientation starting Friday, September 25.

Dig deep for financial aid and scholarships

We encourage all students to apply for financial aid every year, which will help to reduce tuition costs. Financial aid comes in the form of grants, loans, scholarships, tuition waivers, work study, and tax credits.

Already filled out your FAFSA? By April 1st, you can check the status of your financial aid award at My Evergreen. If you haven't applied yet, it’s never too late to file your FAFSA or WAFSA.

Visit campus

It’s a campus that must be seen to be believed. Evergreen features modern architecture nestled in more than 1,000 acres of spirited northwest forest. If you haven’t already, schedule a tour or attend the Admitted Student Open House.

Get a job on campus

You can find jobs on campus regardless of financial aid status. The Student Employment Office is a resource for students seeking jobs and information about working on or off campus, and the work study program.

Immunization records

Evergreen is committed to the health and safety of all members of the campus community. The measles immunization form (PDF) is required from all students. The form also includes a waiver to complete if you were not vaccinated. Student Wellness Services provides additional information about immunization.

Finalizing your admission

Before you can begin at Evergreen, you’ll need to successfully complete any current coursework and submit final transcripts. You'll hear from us by email and postal mail if we need additional materials.

You’ve been offered admission to the college for the term indicated in your Letter of Admission. Find out more about understanding your offer of admission.

New student news

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Dedication highlights value of having spaces for tough discussions.

Your educational privacy

College students’ educational information is protected by federal law (FERPA). We may not release educational records, student health information, etc. without the student’s permission, even students under age 18.

If you would like to share that information with your parents or other important people, you will need complete a release form. Find out more about confidentiality of records (FERPA).


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