Activate Your Student Account

My Evergreen is the starting point on your journey to becoming a new Greener. Activate your Evergreen account in three easy steps.
  1. Keep an eye on your email

    You'll receive activation instructions from at the personal email you provide in your application.

  2. Activate your My Evergreen account

    These instructions in this email will guide you through:

    • Setting a secure password 
    • Selecting a unique username 
    • Accepting policies at that will generate your student email account 

    Each step is required for full account activation.

    Your new username can take up to an hour to sync with all systems. You will receive an email when your username is ready for use.

    If you can’t find your activation email, check your spam/junk folders and search for “”

    If you need help, please submit a ticket at

  3. Log in to My Evergreen

    Go to My Evergreen and follow the activation steps for your first login.

Once again, congratulations and welcome to Evergreen! I know that our faculty and staff are eager to meet you.